5 Romantic Spots Hidden in Plain Sight

Fall in love with Prague's lesser known treasures

It is more than just geography that makes Prague the heart of Europe. The city of one thousand spires is filled with beautiful scenery filled with romantic scenery. Some maps even mark the spots for couples to go on hand-holding strolls, but the best spots are always the least expected and most secret.

Some of these places don't have an address, so what3words coordinates are used to help you located them. The app marks every three squared meters with three chosen words to help people find places off the beaten path and beyond.

Sacré Coeur Park: A hidden gem by the Nový Smíchov shopping mall, Sacré Coeur Park is like a silent oasis in the midst of highways and the rush of the 21st century. Just across the bridge located past the elevators on the first floor of the mall will literally lead you to a place that's greener on the other side. The stairs provide a great workout and are worth the breathtaking view.

In the summer it's perfect for reading, taking a break from the constant rush and a romantic picnic with your loved one. Winter gives it a hint of magic and there is a spot designated for looking out at the city, huddled against the cold. Even on the coldest night, it's close enough to the mall to run up and share at least a brief romantic moment.

Železniční most
: Also known as the train bridge, Železniční most is by Výtoň tram stop. There are walking paths on either side of the train tracks, one side has a view of Náplavka with Prague Castle in the distance. The other looks over Vyšehrad, home to the heart-warming statue of the mythical couple Libuše a Přemysl.

It's not for the feint of heart, as you can see the water through the gaps between the boards of the bridge that shakes with every crossing train. The bridge is never busy so you can enjoy the beautiful view in semi-privacy. This is also the best place in Prague to authentically recreate the most romantic Titanic scene, just replace the bow of the boat with the railing and enjoy the wonderfully cheesy moment.

Swans at Malostranska: Despite their hissing and selfish bread grabbing, swans truly are majestic creatures. With a backdrop of the Charles Bridge, beautiful white birds walking along the Vltava shoreline are the epitome of romance. Pigeons and ducks fight for scraps among the swans as people from around the world crowd around taking photos during the day.

There is a tree in the middle of the feathery chaos and benches overlooking the area, extra cozy when the starts are out. After the sun sets and the birds coo softly and the place is almost completely deserted. This magical spot is on Cihelná street with the what3words coordinates: princes.measure.general.

Under the Charles Bridge: Millions of tourists snap the exact same photos of the famous Charles Bridge, but the best spot is in the most unexpected location. If you time it right and get there just before sunset, you can watch the sunset from the special spot on the Malostranská side of the bridge.

Following the what3words coordinates to hugs.media.masters you will find yourself near the underbelly of the Charles Bridge. The riverside is lined with fish-shaped moorings once used to dock boats that make the perfect seats. If it's raining then it's even better, you can hide under the 14th century bridge and steal a kiss to the soundtrack of pounding rain.

Fountain in Petřín: If romance is what you're after, then you can't go wrong at Petřín. You can gaze at the stars from the Observatory, walk through the rose garden or explore the maze of ruins. During summer, the bottom of the hill is filled with picnickers admiring the blooming blossoms. In Spring, Czechs celebrate the day of love by kissing by the Karel Hynek Mácha's statue, reciting his May 1st poem. In winter when it snows, it's a great spot to go sledding.

The most romantic and semi-secret spot, however, is the fountain. Hidden in the labyrinth of paths, the fountain has several statues, but the most famous is the seal. The man-made fountain has a background of mossy rocks of all shapes giving the impression of a naturally-occurring wonder. Make sure to bundle up if you go in winter and avoid getting lost by follow the coordinates: february.short.sizes.

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