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Welcome to the jungle: Take a trip around Prague Zoo, where there really is something for everyone.

When entering the zoo you are immediately greeted by the sound of various animals calling from within their enclosures, but before you rush off to discover the animals behind the calls, it is worth taking note of the layout of the zoo on the map just after the entrance gates. It may be worth taking a photo of the map on your phone to navigate the zoo as there are not always maps on offer at the front desk to use.

The zoo itself is split into easy to manage sections with general groups of animals in similar sections to one another. One you start wandering around the zoo, you are immediately surrounded by exhibits on all sides. This creates the feeling that you are in among the exhibits with the animals and adds another dimension to your visit.

Water World and Monkey Island

Having just entered the zoo this was the first section I visited. The first enclosures you encounter are that of the Seals and Penguins, a great way to kick off your visit. All of the enclosures have good vantage points to view the animals where ever they may be and many of the exhibits also allow you to see the indoor sections where the animals may be resting or eating food. This section of the zoo also includes Eagles and Vultures alongside other animals like Spider Monkeys, Gibbons and Tapirs.

Gorilla, Feline, Reptile and Tortoise Pavilions

This covers quite a large area of the lower zoo and you will usually find the majority of visitors spending a long time exploring the area. This is because there is such a wide variety of animals to see. This section of the zoo also includes parks and interactive displays for children and so it is a great spot for young families to spend a lot of time. The area also enables you to get up close and personal with Gorillas, Cheetahs, Giant Tortoises, Tigers and Lions. Each of these enclosures is usually very busy with visitors, however, if you are patient each exhibit provides great indoor and outdoor views of the animals and you’ll be glad you waited to see them all.

Plains, Northern Forests, Across the Continents, Africa/African Savanna

This section of the zoo is located that the top of the hill which is very steep. However, the sharp climb provides a fantastic view of an area of Prague which you cannot see from vantage points such as the Prague Castle or one of the various towers of the city. Walking up the slope also provides a great view of the Rock Outcrop which had enclosures for; Barbary Sheep/Macaques, Bearded Vultures, Turs, Tahrs, and Czech Reptiles. The Barbary sheep provide entertainment with their ability to climb up the steep hillside.

The enclosures over the peak of the hill do not disappoint either. With a huge array of animals from across the continents there is something there for everyone to enjoy. Two of the biggest attractions on this side of the hill are the Elephants and Giraffes. However because I visited these later in the day during the winter they were both confined to their indoor living quarters, possibly because of the cold, this is something you should take into account for visiting the zoo. Other enclosures in this area include animals such as; Wolves, Hyenas, Llamas, Zebras, Meerkats, Hippos, Deer, and Byson. These are all great enclosures to visit as there are many vantage points from which to see the animals. Within the Australian section there are also Kangaroos and Emus. One of the final enclosures you may come across on your way towards the exit of the museum is that of the Polar Bears, another must see attraction of the zoo. And finally, if all of those animals still haven’t satisfied you, then maybe the Indonesian Jungle, an indoor enclosure will top it all off for you with various Monkeys and big Lizards wandering their areas.

Zoo Facilities

Being at the zoo all day usually means that at some point someone will need to use the bathroom and also find somewhere to have your lunch. Prague Zoo covers all of these bases with great all-round facilities. There are bathrooms throughout the zoo which are all cleaned regularly and so you should have no problems with them. As for restaurants there are several throughout the zoo’s different sections which are all open from 9am, however, they are subject to close whenever the zoo sees fit, this will usually be towards the end of the day when the zoo becomes more quiet. These restaurants will also heat up children’s food which you have brought with you too. There are also vendors which provide snack type food and hot or cold drinks. Within these areas there are also park benches to sit and have your lunch if you have brought your own food and drink.

Visiting Hours, Prices and Location:

Location: U Trojského zámku 3/120 (No. 112 from Nádraží Holešovice metro station on line C)
Website Link: 

Opening Hours:
• Monday to Sunday: 9am–5pm
• January/February/November/December: 9am-4pm *From Jan 6th - 5pm
• March: 9am-5pm
• April/May/September/October: 9am-6pm
• June/July/August: 9am-9pm

• Adults: 200kc (€ 7.50 / £5.77)
• Students/Children: 150kc (€ 5.60 / £4.32) Children 3-15 Years/Students must show valid Student Card.
• For full price lists visit Prague Zoo’s Admission Prices page: 

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