Zizkov Tower (Žižkovská televizní věž)

Afraid of Heights? Come and face your fears…

At 216 metres, Zizkov TV Tower stands proudly above the skyline of Prague and is visible from almost any vantage point in the city. Construction of the tower started in 1985 and was finally completed in 1992. Located at the top of the hill in the Zizkov district of the city the tower is easily accessed by metro, bus and tram links. The tower itself is an example of late era Communist architecture which has survived the fall of Communism and become a popular attraction with tourists and locals alike. The metal structure consists of three metal columns which are home to nine pods, six of which are open to the public while the remaining three house modern transmitting equipment. The towers futuristic architecture oddly works among many of the older buildings surrounding it and does not look out of place in the Prague skyline.

Three of these pods stand at 93 metres high making up the tallest observation platform of the tower. These pods provide a great 360-degree view of the city. Obviously daytime with clear skies will allow you to see to the furthest reaches of Prague including right out to the high rises many miles away on the outskirts of the city. The view from these platforms is breath-taking enabling you to see all of Prague’s beautiful buildings from an entirely new angle. Many of Prague most famous landmarks are visible from these pods. Most notably the National Museum at the top of Wenceslas Square, the Powder Tower near Palladium, areas of the river, Petrin Tower and of course Prague Castle in the distance. Each of the pods has a set of binoculars built into it which you can use to spot these landmarks and any other landmarks which take you interest in the city. Interactive touch screens will also help you spot these buildings and have several language features so you will have no problem using them. Why not take the weight off your feet and relax in the futuristic seats which hang from the ceiling in one of the pods, sit back and enjoy the view, it is hard to get bored with it. There is an eight minute video projected onto the wall of the central area of the observation platform with a video showing the construction of the tower.

The tower is home to a fine restaurant and bar, Oblaca located at a height of 66 metres providing a dining experience like no other in Prague. The relaxing atmosphere within the restaurant and bar is achieved through the spectacular views onto the city which are perfect during the day or night to sit down and enjoy with your meal. There is also a breakfast menu providing great food to kick start your day. To wash it all down the bar provides a huge listing of drinks including everything from coffee to cocktails.

Something very special is available above the restaurant, Prague’s only One Room Hotel. With its own private entrance and provides the unique experience of an overnight stay in the city at a height of 70 metres. This spacious hotel room is fully furnished with luxury furniture and also a double bed. The futuristic bathroom is lit to provide a relaxing atmosphere with almost candle light effect and also includes a stand-alone bath and shower. The panoramic views of the city from this one room hotel will only add to the unforgettable experience you will have in the tower. This truly would be a fantastic experience for anyone looking to treat their partner to a romantic night in a romantic city.

Sculptures of babies are attached to the outsides of the tower on their hands and knees crawling. These babies were designed by the creative mind of artist David Cerny and added to the pillars of the tower in 2000.

Zizkov Tower is used for weddings and other great events. Recently it played host to the Red Bull Air Race 2016 as Martin Sonka and Petr Kopstein sat down to talk to the press about the upcoming Air Race season. Additionally, last year the tower hosted Prague.TV’s Halloweeen event, Monsterball 2015.

Tower Park Praha Website: www.towerpark.cz

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