Bobsledding in Prague - Bobová dráha Prosek

Looking for thrills? Skip rollercoaster lines, and go bobsledding instead!

Feeling the wind on your face as you rush down the track and screaming joyously is a feeling like none other. You may think that I’m talking about riding a rollercoaster, but I’m not, I’m talking about bobsledding. Bobsledding is a cheaper and more unique alternative to visiting an amusement park for the day and luckily, Prague has just the place to try it out!

Located only about 100 meters away from the bus stop Kelerka in Prague 9, Bobova Draha Prosek is easily accessible by bus 140 or 302 from Palmovka, or buses 140 or 185 from Prosek. It features a bobsledding track, restaurant, ropes park and amazing view of the city.

The track begins with a thematic start sign and a curve. The instructor will tell you how to control the bobsled, but the good thing is that it’s fairly simple to operate, so no one should feel deterred from trying! For those who are safety minded, the company provides helmets. If you have a need for speed, I recommend putting one on!

Though the track is very safe, riders can reach speeds of around 45 km per hour! Accompanied with twists and turns along the track, this makes for an extremely exciting ride. Around the curves, hang on as your body tilts with the curve and you rocket downwards. It’s an experience like none other.

This is why one ride simply does not suffice. One ride is cheap, at 70 CZK, but a package deal, paying for 6 rides, is only 330 CZK, making each ride around 55 CZK. While you may think that you’ll be fine with one ride, the adrenaline from the first ride will make you want to hop right back on! By your third ride or so, you’ll probably get more comfortable using the bobsled too, so that you can easily zoom down the hill. Plus, it’s a scenic journey, with gorgeous views of Prague along the way.

You can enjoy these views from the restaurant on site as well. This restaurant boasts a sunroom eating area in which you can overlook Prague and enjoy a reasonably priced meal. The pizza bread is a delectable snack that is perfect for someone looking for a quick bite, but the restaurant also offers burgers, pizza and grilled food items as well as salads and dessert! Special food items such as roasted pork knee with mustard and fresh horseradish are available upon request at least 48 hours ahead of time. As far as drinks, the restaurant offers a good selection of wines, non-alcoholic drinks, cocktails and beer at fair prices. Just be sure to watch your intake, because the company doesn’t allow intoxicated persons to drive a bobsled down the track.

The owners of the Prosek bob-sleigh track say that the track is intended for everybody, and it’s true. Being able to regulate your own speed means that children can go a little slower whereas teenagers and adults can choose to speed up a bit. Think of it as a customizable, controllable roller-coaster ride!

Also on the premises is a ropes course open on the weekends and some playground equipment for children complete with a climbing wall. It’s a great place to bring family, friends, or even a date! The track is open weekdays from 12:00 to 20:00, and weekends from 10:00 to 22:00. The only times it is not open is when it is reserved, so you can check their online calendar to see when it is open to the public vs. reserved.

If you decide to hop on and give this electrifying adventure a chance, be sure to wear sneakers and comfortable clothing. Don’t worry about brining bags, because Bobova Draha Prosek stores them for you safely. 

Bobova Draha Prosek:

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