7 Brewery Tours in Prague

Discover the great flavors of beer without leaving the city

Many make the false assumption that going on a brewery tour requires a long bus ride beyond the borders of Prague. But there are many local breweries that will tickle your taste buds. Prague is home to large breweries producing massive amounts of beer as well as micro-breweries that focus on refining one single flavor.

Surprisingly, many of these breweries can be found in the very center of Prague. Others require an adventurous ride via public transportation. The following seven breweries offer tours and are a great place to go if you love beer, have visitors in Prague or just want to experience something new.

1. Staropramen: One of Czech Republic's most popular beers comes from the largest brewery in Prague (second largest in the Czech Republic). Founded in 1869, Staropramen has a long history that is summarized on the tour.

The highlights of the tour include a high-tech visitor center, tasting barley and of course drinking the beer. Regular tickets cost 199 CZK per person but if you're lazy to travel to Prague 5, there is also a free virtual tour online.

2. Pivovar Lužiny: Enjoy a 30 – 40 minute tour at a new brewery that was founded in 2013. The tour includes tasting of different types of beers with a commentary guide. Also, each tour member receives a 0.3 liter jug with the brewery's logo on it.

The tour consists of small cozy groups of 10 people max and costs 100 CZK. Prior reservation is of course required. The brewery is located on the top floor of OC Lužiny at Lužiny (B) metro.

3. U Fleků: The ancient brewery has been making beer for over 500 years. Cooper vats from 1937 are a great contrast to the more contemporary brewery that was reconstructed in 1986. The tour takes 45 minutes and includes a short video, beer tasting and information about the brewing process.

For 200 CZK per person you can do the tour, have a glass of beer and take home a souvenir. The brewery is conveniently located in the center of Prague at Křemencova 11, Prague 1.

4. Strahov Monastic Brewery: It is no secret that monks make amazing beer, and the Strahov Monastary has a long history of brewing. The building itself was built in 1142 and the brewery was set up at the end of the 13th century.

Although the brewery closed in 1907, it was restored in 2000 and is back in full swing today. The large restaurant seats 350 guests and although it is considered a special service, it is possible to arrange a tour of the mini-brewery. It is located at Strahovské nádvoří 301.

5. Novoměstský Brewery: If you've ever dreamed of becoming a member of a brewing guild, you've found the perfect brewery for you. This brewery tour includes seeing the fermenting room and the large cellar, tasting some delicious beer and saves the unveiling of the secret brewing recipe for the finale.

At the end of the tour you receive a certificate confirming your membership and you can spend the rest of the day brewing and/or drinking beer. You can find the brewery at Vodičkova 20 in the heart of the city.

6. Victor Pivovar: The first brewery in Žižkov faces some tough competition, since the neighborhood is known as having the densest concentration of pubs in the entire country. This tour is where the history of Žižkov, beer and brewing all come together.

The tour allows visitors to try all three types of Victor beer. After the tour you can grab a bite in the restaurant or stumble into one of many surrounding pubs for more beer. You can visit this brewery at Husitská 72, 130 20 Praha 3.

7. U Tří růží: At the Three Roses is unique for brewing a wide variety of beers: top and bottom-fermented. It combines modern technologies and a traditional method topped off with quality ingredients. The tour includes an expert commentary and guests get to experience the brewing process.

Discover the main components of a brewery: the malt house, kettle, mash tun, heat exchanger and the cellar. Visit the brewery at Husova 10/232.

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