Jetpacks, Indoor Skydiving and other Prague Adventures

Discover adventures ranging from riding a horse to flying with a water jetpack

There is more to Prague than pubs, galleries and historic buildings: you just need to know where to look. Czechs are all about sports and outdoor activities and there are many opportunities to have some fun and try something new. There are many websites, including and Záž where you discover adventures for great prices.

While you have to leave the comforts of the big city to ride a camel, you only have to go to Letňany to try indoor skydiving. Indoor Skydiving is a great way to experience skydiving without the danger of jumping out of a plane. The wind tunnel creates the sensation of falling and is much more difficult than it looks. An instructor will explain everything and will make sure you don't float out of control.

Perhaps the most unexpected thing to try in Prague is surfing. The indoor surfing spot at Tupolevova 772 offers the perfect conditions to catch a wave. Open to advanced surfers and total beginners; anyone can come and catch their first wave in landlocked-Prague. If you get hooked it is also possible to sign up for regular lessons.

Kiteboarding is a fun activity that Prague's windy slopes are absolutely perfect for. Coordination, strength and quick reflexes are the key skills necessary to wield the large kite. Once you master basic moves, the next step is to strap on wheels and go for a ride. Kites can carry you over land, water and snow at impressive speeds with records of 100 km/hour.

The Vltava offers adventures that range from river-side picnics to riding speed boats. You can also climb into an air-tight ball to walk on water, also known as water zorbing. You can try this at Smetanovo nábřeží which is located right by the National Theater. If you’re looking for something crazier, then maybe fly boarding is more your thing.

Flying above the water surface powered by a 100 hp stream of water is absolutely exhilarating. also offers water jetpacks and hover boards and they have patient trainers that will help you fly.

If you prefer reaching high speeds over land instead of water, you can do some good old-fashioned bobsledding in Prague 9. Bobsledding is great for adults and children alike and it's a great way to feel the wind in your hair. While completely safe, bobsleds can reach the speeds of 60 km/hour and more.

Another way to enjoy some speed on land is on the back of a horse. Located just outside of Prague is Jezdecká stáj Kosoř, a horse-riding school for people of all ages and skill levels. Gallop away through fields and forests on a mighty steed and learn all the commands and tricks of working together with a horse.

Vysočany is a hub for adventures offering a variety of experiences including a high ropes course. Lanové Centrum PROUD is a great place to face your fears and learn the ropes of belaying. Courses range from 1 hour long to multi-day 40 hour programs. Children as young as 5-years-old can learn to climb and of course there are plenty of programs for adults of all levels.

This city is full of opportunities to get out, try something new and enjoy life to the fullest. So many activities are hiding in plain sight and don't require long expeditions outside of the city. Not all great experiences require heights or facing your fears: archery, playing an escape game with friends or taking a paddle boat out for a ride can be an adventure too.

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