Legends / Legendy 2016 car show brought old and new models

Some of the earliest and latest vehicles were at Bohnice's grounds

The third Legends (Legendy) autoshow took place over the weekend of June 11–12 on grounds of the Bohnice Psychiatric Hospital in Prague.

As the name implies, a lot of historical cars were on display, but the show also had some newer models of both automobiles and motorcycles. In total there were 750 cars and 350 motorcycles on 64 hectares of the hospital's English garden. The event drew thousands of viewers despite

Getting around was fairly easy, as maps were marked with zones for each type of car. There was a track to see some of the cars in action and offroad and motocross demonstration areas.

Several new models were on display for the first time in the Czech Republic. The new Mercedes-Benz E Class, the 10th generation of the model, was one of the highlights. It was driven for a short distance without passengers or anyone in the driver's seat. An application hooks the car up to a tablet computer so it can be remote controlled. The car boasts several other technical advances as well as a built-in entertainment center and redesigned engine.

The second generation Audi A5 was also among the new cars. The control panel is improved and can display Google maps, among other things. It also has larger internal dimensions as well as lower overall weight. A variety of gasoline and diesel engines are available.

One of the larger displays was by South Korean carmaker Kia, which has a factory in Slovakia. They had their new pro-c'eed GT official safety car and the racing version of the Picanto, a low-cost racing car meant to make the sport more accessible. They also had new models from their Optima, Sorento and Sportage lines. The Soul EV electric crossover SUV was also at the show.

British were also well-represented this year. Classic and current Jaguars and Land Rovers were shown, including the current Jaguar XJ as well as the Mk X, 420 G and E-Type. For Land Rover, the highlight was the Czech premiere of the Range Rover Evoque Convertible. It is relatively small for an SUV, and the first convertible from Land Rover. It has had a mixed reaction, but should please people who want to go offroad a bit and have the wind in their hair.

Cars from Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Lotus and Aston Martin also had their own areas.

Ferrari had a display of mostly red cars, and a Ferrari Formula 1 Racing car was displayed by Shell. Maserati and Porsche models were also around the Bohnice grounds.

Cars from Czech brand Škoda could be found in several areas. A large display of 15 examples of the Škoda 130 RS rally cars from the 1970s showed the evolution of the famed sports car. The new rally car, the Škoda Fabia R5, could be seen elsewhere and new sporty variant on the Superb line, the Škoda Superb Sportline, made its exhibition debut.

Fans of classic American cars could find a number of Fords, Chevrolets and Plymouths. The classic fins on the back of the Cadillac Coupe de Ville brought back memories of the glamour of the1950s and 1960s, while several generation of Ford Mustangs reminded one of the era of muscle cars cruising around the suburbs on weekends.

But those were not the oldest cars by far. The Ford Model T, made 1908–27 was also on display. While it was not the first car, it was the first car many people owned as mass production made it affordable for the average person.

An electric blue 1930s Plymouth sedan was another standout in this section. This kind of car was often seen in black-ans-white movies, and it was surprising to see it was not only available in dark gray.

On the large size, trucks for the Dakar rally were the highlight of the truck section. These vehicles participate in one of the world's most grueling races.

Special guests of the autoshow included Scott Speed, who cam eon behalf of Volkswagen.

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