Great Knight Celebration at Prague Castle

Go back in time to the era of chivalry and knights in shining armor

Jump into medieval times with the Great Knight Celebration at Prague Castle. On July 9 and 10 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. join in on a festival celebrating Emperor Charles IV’s 700th birthday.

The festival takes place in the Stag Moat of Prague Castle, and entry is from the Powder Bridge (Prašný most). Organizers warn people to leave pets at home as dogs and other animals are not allowed.

The celebration is perfect for kids and adults alike. The highlight is a jousting tournament, but there are also fencing lessons for kids, music and entertainment, and food and drinks.

The jousting tournament lasts 45 minutes and will take place twice during the day. The tournament features knights in shining armor on horseback on a long rectangular track. You will without a doubt feel as though you have jumped back 700 years into the life of medieval knights.

The jousting features professional stunt riders with lances and swords, hoping to win the favor of John of Luxembourg, the father of Charles IV.

Period music and some additional fencing will be performed all day on a stage.

Children will have a chance to learn how to fence at the Little Knights’ Camp — channeling their inner bravery and experiencing the typical engagements of medieval knights firsthand. The children will also be able to fulfill different tasks in the camp for little knights such as dressing up in armor, learning about coin making and writing with quill pens. The camp will be open all day.

Continue walking through the festival and you will come across the Knight’s Camp — an area with old-fashioned tents and fires set up in an attempt to simulate the life of a knight on the road. Nearby you will find blacksmith demonstrations on how to repair weapons and armor, along with the opportunity to walk down the Stag Moat.

Other things to see include a catapult to haul knights in heavy armor onto a horse, and other medieval devices.

Food includes roasted pig and of course Czech beer.

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