Prague Zoo celebrates tigers and its baby gibbon

July 30 is World Tiger Day, and Prague Zoo is participating with special events

There is always something happening at Prague Zoo, which was ranked as the fourth-best in the world by TripAdvisor. There are special events Friday and Saturday, July 29 and 30.

Friday is the first birthday of a male silvery gibbon named, appropriately enough, Silver Arrow. The cute little baby who was born almost hairless has made great progress in his fist year. There will be special activities for children and adults during the day.

Gibbons, classified as smaller apes, come from rainforests in Southeast Asia, and their habitat is highly threatened. Silvery gibbons are found on the island of Java and are classified as endangered, with zoo breading programs representing the best hope for survival of the species.

Saturday is the International Day of the Tiger, or Global Tiger Day. The zoo will have a special information booth set up and at 2:30 pm the tigers will be fed meat outdoors. People will be able to get a close look a the zoo's tigers as well. In the summer, the tigers like to splash around in the water to cool off.

In just a century the wild tiger population has fallen from 100,000 to just 3,000 in the entire world, and the areas were they can be found has fallen by 93 percent. Tiger numbers continue to fall rapidly, despite efforts to reverse the trend. In 2014 the population was estimated at almost 3,300.

Habitat loss is again a big factor in the decline of the tiger, but they are also hunted for sport and killed because they are predators who come into conflict with agricultural animals and livestock. The loss of habitat puts wild tigers closer to human settlements,and also robs tigers of a natural food supply. And like the critically endangered rhinoceros, parts of tigers are used in traditional medicines.

Climate change is also affecting some species of tigers, such as one found in the mangrove forests of India and Bangladesh. As climate change is slowly destroying the mangrove forests, those tigers have no place to go.

You don't need to wait for a special day to get involved with tigers or Prague Zoo. There are many ways to support the zoo, from sponsoring animals with an annual donation to buying gifts from the zoo shop.

If you want to find out more about how to save the tiger, go to

For more information of Prague Zoo and its events, visit or

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