The Scariest Places in the Czech Republic (Part 1)

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Every one of you has at one point has experienced being some place that gives you a strange feeling: chills running down your back, goosebumps on your skin and something telling you that you should leave immediately. Let’s go explore five places that you do not want to visit alone.

This article explores some Czech places with terrifying legends that make people feel uncomfortable and scared. visited some of these places and experienced the horribleness first hand! Welcome to part 1 of the series TOP 5: The Scariest Places in the Czech Republic:

1. Lemberk Castle

Lemberk castle takes first place on the list. This castle is located in the north of the country, three kilometers from the town Jablonné v Podještědí near Liberec. What sort of castle it would be if there weren’t tales of the White Lady, goblins and headless knights – well, the corridors of this castle have far more terrible stories.

Like all castles, this one has a long history with many significant events, instead let us talk about what happens there today. One of the previous wardens regularly heard heavy, thundering steps in the hallway. She did not believe in ghosts, so she was convinced that this was just a joke.

One evening, she waited for the prankster to show up with a flashlight in her hand. As she waited, she heard the pounding footsteps of hobnailed boots and felt a tugging on the door handle. She flicked on the flashlight and quickly opened the door: to her shock, the hallway was completely empty.

The castle attracts groups of explorers and adventurers who often decide to spend the night. Some of them hear throbbing footsteps from the attic. Others recall hearing a child cry and subsequently experience the sudden awareness that they are “alone” in the castle. Those who have heard the steps describe them as the steps of an old man who is pulling something heavy.

2. Býčí skála (Bull Rock) Cave

The Bull Rock is located in Moravian Karst just north of Brno. It is the longest cave system in the Czech Republic, reaching lengths of up to 13 km. In the past, 450 meters of cave was open but today the cave is closed to the public, reinforced with an iron door.

In 1872, famous archaeologist Jindřich Wankel made a significant discovery here. Clay pots, bronze statues, jewelry made of gold as well as human and animal bones: the remains of more than 40 people were buried here. It was reported that this was a sacrificial place where people and animals were sacrificed during ceremonies.

The people were killed violently, with deep wounds to their skulls and bronze arrowheads piercing their ribs. Some of the human heads were split either lengthwise or crosswise. The people who live in the area experience distressing feelings that make them weak in the knees. There is a lot of negative energy in these areas.

3. Statek Pohádka (Fairy Tale Farmhouse)

The Christhof farmhouse is located in the south of the Czech Republic near the village of Čachrov. It was named the Fairy Tale Farmhouse for the beautiful Šumava landscape that’s surrounds it. Upon visiting the place, can confirm the creepiness of the abandoned building. Its crazy past has intrigued many visitors as well as experts on paranormal activity.

It was build it in the 16th century by a German family. While the family was alive, they lived orderly lives and there were no unusual happenings. However, due to the Beneš Decrees, the family was forced to leave the Czech Republic in 1947.

Today the farmhouse stands alone; the locals avoid it and there are dead animals rotting in the area – it is burned out and falling apart. The farmhouse was made famous by serial killer Ivan Roubal, who died serving a life sentence in 2015. Ivan moved there in 1991 to breed deer, however he failed to obtain the necessary permits. Instead he began raising Vietnamese pigs, to whom he fed his human victims.

Between 1991 and 1994, Ivan supposedly killed seven people, however only five murders were proven. Some of the victims were lured there to warm up by the fireplace, others were killed in their houses. Following these murders, Ivan would burglarize their homes. In 2000, Ivan was sentence to life in a prison in Mírov.

A few years ago, two families tried to spent the night at the Fairy Tale Farmhouse. One of the families couldn’t stand being there and left at midnight, which saved their lives. The second family wasn’t so lucky – within a year they all died, some by drowning and the others in a car accident.

4. Velhartický Cemetery

Located less than 10 kilometers from the Fairy Tale Farmhouse is the famous Velhartický cemetery. The dominant feature of the unusual cemetery is the grim church of St. Mary Magdalene. The church was originally built on a burial site in 1373. It was supposed to be a place of peace and eternal rest – it was author Karel Jaromír Erben who realized that the church was something different. 

Erben drew inspiration from it for his ballad The Wedding Shirt (Svatební košile). According to legend, the cemetery orchestrated a satanic black mass in an attempt to revive the dead. The negative forces that were summoned remained there until this very day. A mysterious face gleams from the church’s walled shield – watching newcomers.

Some believe that this is the face of the girl who was kidnapped by the zombie that appears in Erben’s ballad. The zombie has an overgrown and unkempt grave in the cemetery. Others think it’s the face of a lady of the castle, who died tragically near the church. Or perhaps it is an imprint of the energy that was released when conjuring up the dead. can tell you from personal experience that the cemetery holds negative and gloomy energy that sends chills down your backs and covers your skin in goosebumps. It is definitely not a place for an organized family outing.

5. Bor Forest

The mysterious Bor forest, also called Branišovský forest, is located southwest of Česke Budějovice. This mysterious forest hides many scary mysteries and stories told by the daredevils who have passed. Soldiers who have served in the area recall hearing strange melodies sung by a male voice. People have seen a male figure hovering a few centimeters above the ground with glowing red eyes wearing a black jacket and hat.

Four hundred years ago, there was a settlement that lined the narrow road that connected the village to the outside world. The area was full of deep swamps where many people met their premature deaths. A few years ago, there stood a hanging tree. Over the course of several years, many people had taken their lives on the tree. Finally, villagers decided to burn down the cursed tree.

To make matters worse, one night an unknown flying object crashed into the forest. The area was closed for a year and nobody couldn’t enter it – not even soldiers. The forest is not very popular among crazy adventurers and not just anyone will rush into it.

Which place did you find the scariest? Have you ever experienced anything truly terrifying? Do you know an even scarier place? Show off your stories in the comment section below and don’t forget to share this with your friends!

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