Botanical Gardens open for free Dec. 24

Take the family on a quick tropical vacation before opening presents

The Botanical Gardens at Troja in Prague 7 will be open on Dec. 24 from 9 am to 2 pm with free admission to the glass-enclosed Fata Morgana. Vinotéka sv. Kláry, a small wine shop associated with the hillside vineyards, will be open from 11 am to 3 pm.

The idea is that families can take a quick break to the tropics before having the traditional Christmas meal in the evening. Or at least one parent can take the kids out while the other prepares presents and food in peace and quiet.

The Fata Morgana greenhouse is 130 meters long and has three separate areas with varying humidity and temperature to create different kinds of tropical and subtropical environments. The current exhibition is sure to delight some children: ants that use plants for their homes.

The grounds outside the greenhouse and the wine shop will be open, and a stroll is one way to work up an appetite for fried carp and potato salad. The wine house (viniční domek) will have a fire to warm people up. The real warm fire is meant as an alternative to fairytale films on that cold electronic fireplace at home, the TV.

Wine from the shop, made from grapes grown on the very hill where the shop is, can be a good last-minute gift, and several types are available including sparkling wine for New Year's Eve. Calendars for 2017 are also on sale in the wine shop and greenhouse. The pictures come from ones taken by visitors to the Botanical Garden and were chosen via a contest.

The Botanical Garden already has a full schedule for next year, with a new exhibit opening Jan. 6 called The Jungle Never Sleeps

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