Body The Exhibition returning to Výstaviště

The new exhibition promises to be larger than previous ones

The popular anatomical display Body The Exhibition is coming back to Prague and will be at Výstaviště in Prague's Holešovice district. It opens in mid-February and will run until June 30, showing more than 20 full bodies and 300 exhibits coming from real human bodies.

Smaller versions of similar shows were previously in Prague, but this time it is in a larger space with over 2,000 square meters. The exhibits are posed as if they are taking part in sports and leisure activities.

The exhibition has been touring the world for many years, with different pieces in different cities. The size of the show always varies. “From the producers of the exhibition, we have managed to secure an exhibition in a size that has never been presented in our country. We will take visitors to explore the human body and show it to them in detail. The show's educational quality will be guaranteed in each gallery by medical students who will give explanations and answer questions from visitors,” said Lucie Nouzová from the organizing agency JVS Group.

The exhibition will be in 12 rooms, each dedicated to a different function of the human body such as the circulatory system, muscles, nerves and the skeleton, organizer Martin Zvoníček told the press. In an interactive part of the exhibition, anyone under the guidance of medical students can try resuscitation. The exhibition also shows Czech contributions to world medicine. A special section is dedicated to the development of the human fetus. Video screens will display documentaries and 3-D animation about the human body.

Organizers say the exhibition isn't just educational for school students. People can see the effects of smoking on lungs, for example. This has led many people to quit. Other healthy and damaged organs will also be compared, such as the kidneys and liver.

The body parts all come from human donors and have been preserved with a special process using silicon. The process was invented by Gunther von Hagens, and an individual exhibit can take up to a year to prepare.

Earlier editions of the show have been popular. In Brno, some 100,000 people came to Bodies Revealed in 2015. A similar show in Prague in 2007 had 300,000 visitors.

The show has in the past met with some protest from religious groups and human rights organizations. The organizers, however, say the show is educational and the exhibits were acquired legally.

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