Love Trumps Hate Rally taking place in Prague

Prague to hold solidarity rally with the Women's March On Washington

A sister event to the Women’s March on Washington, the Love Trumps Hate rally will take place Jan. 21 from noon to 2 pm in Prague's Wenceslas Square near the statue of St Wenceslas. The rally happens on the first day of the new term of US President-elect Donald Trump, a Republican who won the most electoral votes in the federal election system, but had less popular support among those who voted than his main rival. The United States does not have direct elections for president based on popular vote; it is a federal republic. The presidency is decided by an Electoral College where most states give all of their proportional votes to the winner of the state election.

The rally is one of over 270 sister events to the Women’s March on Washington. Demonstrations will be held across the US as well as in 55 cities worldwide including Tokyo, Sydney, Nairobi, Paris, Bogotá and Prague.

The masters of ceremonies for the Prague event is Nancy Bishop, a long-term expat with extensive experience in the entertainment industry. Confirmed speakers include Julia Bryan, international secretary of Democrats Abroad; David Murphy, executive director of Greenpeace Czech Republic; and Petra Hůlová, a member of Czech Writer’s Association. Performers include singer Adam Mišík and puppeteer Mirek Trejtnar.

According the organizers, the rally is a statement of shared values delivered to world leaders. “The rally affirms our commitment to protecting the rights, safety, and health of our children, families, and communities, including those individuals from politically and socially marginalized demographics,” the organizers said in a press release.

“Elected by a minority of voters, the [incoming] US president and his campaign insulted, demonized, and threatened many people. They echoed and amplified the poisonous rhetoric of many politicians today, including a handful of our elected officials here in Prague. As a result of this rhetoric, women, immigrants, Muslims and people of diverse religious faiths, members of the LBGTQAI* community, Roma, people of color, people with disabilities, and survivors of sexual assault are hurting and scared,” the press release stated.

The organizes claim the public sphere has been eroded, and the role of journalists and the free press has been undermined. “How we choose to move forward will define the future of the international community, including the relationships between the Czech Republic, the USA, the European Union, and the Russian Federation,” the organizers state.

“This rally is a step towards unifying our communities to create real, grassroots change, in support of the work of journalists and the free press, of environmental activists and their concern for our imperiled planet, and of the peaceable relationships between nations that make possible the International Rule of Law set out by the United Nations. We will demonstrate peacefully and from diversity of political vantage points, recognizing that there is no true peace without justice and equality for all,” the press release concluded.

In the Electoral College, Trump won with 304 votes, while rival Hillary Clinton, running as a Democrat, had 224 votes. The winner needed 270 votes. Trump won in 30 states, while Clinton carried 20 states plus the District of Columbia.

In the popular vote, Trump had 62,979,879 votes, accounting for 46 percent, and Clinton had 65,844,954 votes, or 48 percent. The remaining 5 percent went to third-party candidates. Voter turnout was 55.3 percent.

Prague Solidarity Rally with the Women's March on Washington (Facebook Event Page)

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