Prague to get even more bridges

A new bridge is planned at Podolí and others may follow

While it is fairly easy to cross the Vltava to get from one side of Prague to the other, there are still some places where a substantial detour is required. A new bridge called Dvorecký most is planned near Žluté lázně, and is the closest to being realized.

Others are being discussed to connect Karlín and Holešovice and between Podbaba and Troja. A tunnel under the river is also a possibility. There are already over a dozen bridges for cars to cross the river, and the Troja Bridge, opened in 2014, is the youngest.

The proposed Dvorecký most would fill the substantial gap between Barrandovský most (Barrandov Bridge) and Palackého most (Palacký Bridge). The new span would connect Podolí in Prague 4 to Zlíchov in Prague 5. It is planned for pedestrians and public transportation but not cars. People from Podolí would be able to get to Smíchov, which offers lots of shopping and entertainment, in a few minutes.

An architectural competition for the bridge should be announced in the second half of the year, according to Deputy Mayor Petr Dolínek (ČSSD).

A bridge between Podbaba in Prague 6 and Troja in Prague 7 is further off in the future. Prague 6 spokesman Martin Churavý says it is at least a decade away.

The bridge would make it easier for trams to get to Bohnice. Opponents are concerned that the amount of tram traffic could disturb the animals in Prague Zoo. People who favor the bridge say it would relieve traffic congestion in the Bohnice area.

There are three options to connect Karlín and Holešovice by bridge, and the building of the bridge does not depend on the completion of the Prague Ring Road. The Prague Institute of Planning and Development (IPR) will determine the location during discussions of the metropolitan plan.

Prague 7, however, is in no hurry to see it constructed. Authorities there see it happening after 10 years when land becomes available. They are also concerned about the influx of more traffic. The district would be more inclined to consider the idea when the area called Rohanský ostrov is further developed.

Prague 7 is now more concerned with a new footbridge to Štvanice Island.

A tunnel to connect Prague 6 and Prague 8 has also been considered, according to Deputy Mayor Dolínek. Public transportation coordinator Ropid has also considered a cable car across the river to link Prague 6 and Prague 8. The cable car may be cost effective and also an ecological solution.

Charles Bridge was built in 1357, replacing an earlier wooden bridge. It was the only bridge spanning the Vltava in Prague until 1841 when the suspension bridge Most císaře Františka I. was built. That lasted until 1898 when it was rebuilt as a stone bridge, and later renamed Most Legií, or Legions Bridge. Counting footbridges and rail bridges, there are close to 30 bridges over the Vltava.

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