London comes to Prague

A London-themed exhibit at Arkády Pankrác brings landmarks to Prague

The atmosphere of London will be available for free as Arkády Pankrác is transformed into the iconic English capital. The exhibition, which runs March 10–29, was opened with the participation of the UK ambassador to Prague, Jan Thompson OBE. Along with the exhibition, there is contest offering some unique prizes.

Ambassador Thompson says the event will provide Czechs with a great insight into one of Europe’s great capital cities.

“We want to show how much history it has but also that it is a very modern and vibrant city. It has so much more than just the traditional image, so I would like people to see about London in all its aspects,” Thompson said.

“It’s an incredibly diverse city; over 300 languages are spoken in London. We like to say it is the most diverse city on the planet and among those people in London are many Czechs who both work and live there,” she added. “It’s great to know there is so much interest in London here in the Czech Republic and I know that London was by far the most popular destination for flights from the Czech Republic with 1.7 million Czechs flying to London last year alone.”

Visitors are welcomed by an authentic double-decker bus at the entrance to the mall. As they walk in they are greeted with a Buckingham Palace mural, a Union Jack–coloured Jaguar and mannequins dressed as members of the Queen’s Guard. The Jaguar is not the only British car on show, and more can be seen throughout the mall including a Mini Cooper.

A tribute to the famous Centre Court at Wimbledon is also on show while there is also an ode to the infamous Lord’s Cricket Ground Media Centre, designed by Czech architect Jan Kaplický. Greenwich Park and its observatory are also given a spot. There is homage to the well-known London Eye as well a waxwork of the legendary singer Freddy Mercury.

For children there is the option to see the Arkády Pankrác in style as a miniature double-decker bus will transport visitors around the centre. On that journey it will be hard to miss the 11 metre tall celebration of Big Ben. Alongside the many landmarks are various items of British memorabilia showcased throughout the shopping centre.

A topic of much discussion throughout not just the UK but across all of Europe has been Brexit. However, the ambassador reassured the Czech people that the strong relationship between the Czech Republic and the UK would remain just that.

“We talk a lot nowadays about Brexit and the UK leaving the European Union and that is perhaps another message we would like to send being here,” she said. “Although the UK is leaving the European Union we are not leaving Europe and we’re still here in the Czech Republic and we’re still very active and very keen for Czechs to come to the UK to study and work,” she said.

“One thing that many British people remember is the history from the Second World War when Czechoslovak airmen flew with the Royal Air Force in the Battle of Britain, so there are a lot of ties that bind us much more than just our membership of the EU,” she added. “We’re not going anywhere, we’re still in Europe and the link between the Czech Republic and the UK remains very strong.”

For those visiting the exhibition there is also an opportunity to win a variety of great prizes. By entering your name in the drawing you will have the chance of winning the use of a Jaguar car, flights to London or even possibly two tickets to celebrate the birthday party of the Queen of England.

For more information you can visit the Arkády Pankrác website:

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