DPP offers some adventure tourism

The transit company has announced special events and tours

The Prague Transit Company (DPP) has a number of events planned for travel buffs, including rides on special tram routes and tours of some facilities.

There are two programs with events, and online reservations are needed as some of these sell out quickly.

A T3 tram nicknamed Little Moon (Měsíček) has three events with a tour guide (in Czech only). They are part of an adventure tourism program supported by Prague Chamber of Commerce.

One on May 14 a tram takes people from Čechovo náměstí up to Letohrádek Hvězda, with a guided tour along the route and a tour of the Hvězda summer palace, which has some interesting connections to alchemy and history.

On May 16 and June 27 there will be two different tours of former and current breweries along different routes. The first ends in Anděl with a beer tasting and the second goes to Blaník, where participants can get a certificate in pouring beer. All three of the tours take about 150 minutes each.

The Nostalgia DPP 2017 program lets people ride on historical trams and go on tours of depots. On May 28 at Vozovna Střešovice people can ride on a tram restored to their World War II appearance. The event is held in relation to the 75th anniversary of Operation Anthropoid, the name for the wartime mission to assassinate acting Reichsprotektor Reinhard Heydrich.

There are tours starting at Anděl on June 12, of Střešovice Depot on Aug, 29, of Vozovna Pankrác on Oct. 14 and Vozovna Motol on Dec. 2.

The current Prague public transportation system has its roots in the late 19th century. In 1897 the city's electric company began buying up horse-drawn carriage routes and began to electrify them. By 1907, the utility had bought up all the independent lines and created a monopoly on public transport. After 1946, the transportation part of the then-unified utility company was spun off. It was re-organized several times in the communist era. In 1991 the Prague Public Transit Company became a joint-stock company.

The first horse-drawn tram was from the National Theatre to Karlín in 1875. The first electric tram route was at Letná in 1891.

For more information visit www.dpp.cz/nostalgie-dpp-2017 and www.dpp.cz/zazitkove-jizdy-s-mesickem

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