Prague will test flood protection

Part of the anti-flood wall will be built in Troja

Prague will be testing the effectiveness of its anti-flood protection as part of the Troja 2017 exercise, according to the City Hall website. There is no threat of flood at this time, and the test is purely to make sure Prague remains ready.

Flood barriers will be built in Prague's Troja district on Saturday, Sept. 30. Prague wants to verify the completeness of the parts, check the time necessary for their construction and check the technical condition of the fixed parts of the anti-flood protection. Other aspects of the flood protection will also be evaluated.

“It is good to organize exercises like this. Thanks to them, we find out if all the stakeholders are ready, if there is any problem in communication between them, and in practice we will just try what the Prague City Flood Plan calls for,” Prague Mayor Adriana Krnáčová (ANO) said.

Libor Hadrava, the city councilor responsible for safety and crime prevention, said the city wants to remove any doubt about readiness.”Regarding floods, the citizens of the metropolis must not be exposed to danger,” he said.

The exercises will examine the human factor and the technical aspect of the matters around the flood defenses. “Coordinating the highly demanding operations and minute details must not be underestimated. They will show our preparedness for all the risks associated with the forces of nature. I believe that this year's event will take place in the same professional manner as in last year's Holešovice exercise,” he said.

The exercise will involve approximately 300 people. They are members of the volunteer fire brigades, active reserve of the Army, the Czech Red Cross, City Fire Department, City Police, Czech Police, Pražské vodovody a kanalizace, the Technical Administration of Communications (TSK) and the emergency rescue service.

The total length of the flood protection measures in the Troja area is 274 meters, the height of the flood wall ranges from 30 centimeters to 6.27 meters. The weight of the removable parts of the mobile measures is 39,874 kg. Flood protection measures will also be tested on the sewerage system.

The exercise will require some transport changes. These include will be the closure of the Blanka Tunnel complex from 9 pm on Sept. 30 to 5 am on Oct, 1. At the same time traffic at these roads will be restricted: V Holešovičkách, Nová Povltavská, most Barikádníků, Povltavská, Pod Lisem, Trojský most, Trojská lávka, Pod Havránkou, U Vltavy, Vodácká, Pátkova and Bulovka.

Prague faced severe flooding in 2002 and a less catastrophic flood in 2013. The 2002 floods affected the lower part of the Prague Zoo in Troja, as well as other many parts of the city.

An exhibition about the 2002 flood, which was 15 years ago, is currently on display until Sept. 30 at Kampa, another Prague area that was flooded.

Mayor Krnáčová said in the introduction to the exhibit that lessons learned from the 2002 flood and preparations made after it helped to keep the 2013 flood from being more severe.

“We can assume that floods will come again into the capital, and we have no other choice than to be prepared for it in the best possible way,” she said.

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