Game On outlines video game history

A traveling exhibition seen by millions will be in Prague

The world's biggest exhibition about the history of video games will be in the Czech Republic from Sept. 21 to Oct. 5 on over 2,000 square meters in Hall 40 in Pražská tržnice in Prague 7.

People can book times in advance online to be sure they can get in. Since the games are playable, picking an off time might guarantee a better chance at getting a popular game.

The traveling exhibit, visited by more than 3.5 million people worldwide, has over 150 playable games and gaming devices with a wide range games and artifacts from gaming history, going as far back as the 1960s.

Game On is the first show in the world to map the phenomenon of computer games. Thanks to the curators at the Barbican Centre, the entire collection creates a comprehensive overview of the development of a global cultural phenomenon, just like classical art,” exhibition director David Urban said in a press release.

London's Barbican Centre created the exhibition, which has been in more than 30 world capitals. It presents a comprehensive collection of game history from the first devices from the 1960s like Pong, up to Space Invaders, Super Mario Brothers and Grand Theft Auto, and on to games now in preparation and virtual reality.

The exhibition is arranged into 20 individual sections, following game developments in different regions of the world. Almost all the exhibits are functional and visitors can play them on the spot.

There is a section on marketing and game development, music for games, and the interconnection of film and games.

Visitors will have a chance to try out the Star Wars 1983 arcade game from Atari, piloting an X-wing spacecraft against TIE (twin ion engine) fighters. The GoldenEye 007 game from the Bond series and the 1996 edition of Tomb Raider are also present.

New in Prague is a section on Czech games, which has not been in other cities previously.

There is an accompanying program with exhibition tournaments and tournaments for the public, lectures on icons of the Czech game scene and programs for players, singers and cosplayers.

“It's a unique chance for visitors of all generations and interests to get to know the entire game world and its community. We will offer not only a unique insight into the game world, but also also expert lectures on gaming security and cyberspace and more,” Urban said.

The exhibition was organized as multigenerational entertainment. The program is not only for young children, but also for their parents and in many cases also grandparents, the organizers state.

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