City approves Smart City plan

Prague will invest in new technologies to make life easier

Prague City Hall approved the Smart City concept, which is intended to make resident's lives easier through modern technology.

The city will set aside Kč 600 million for smart projects such as traffic management, public WiFi, new lighting systems and ecological recovery of waste.

The concept will be overseen by city-run company Operátor ICT, which in the past developed the Lítačka public transit card.

There have been a few pilot projects so far. Operátor ICT has tested 10 solar-powered benches with WiFi and phone chargers. Some 30 smart trash bins compress waste and electronically report to the collection company that they are filled so pickup can be more efficient.

Upcoming Smart City projects include a new mobile application for tourists. The city should also start testing an efficient lighting system in Karlín.

A project for smart parking that would tell drivers where the closest parking spots are located is also in planning stages.

The biggest part of the project is a data platform that will link all of the city applications and lead to effective management of infrastructure, increased comfort for residents and tourists, and cost savings, according to Operátor ICT's website.

The Prague branch of the Pirate Party has been critical of the concept and says that it lacks provisions for e-government, where citizens can communicate electronically with the authorities, according to Pražský deník.

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