Fourth Hackers Congress coming to Prague

The event sold out more than a month before its start date

Prague has become a center for cyber technology. The city's Fourth Hackers Congress by Paralelní Polis will take place Oct. 6–8, but tickets sold out rather quickly. The last ticket sold for one bitcoin, worth over Kč 100,000. The final ticket was released after the event had already been sold out with more than a month left before its start. Paralelní Polis is located Prague's Holešovice district.

This year’s HCPP 2017 has the subheading Liberate! The congress aims to show that Prague is an important world center of technology, hackers and the crypto community. The main speakers include Amir Taaki, a hacker and programmer considered to be one of the most dangerous people on the internet according to Wired magazine, and Jim Bell, an American scientist and crypto anarchist who has been imprisoned for his activities.

The program has more than 50 presentations, workshops and debates, mainly in English. One goal is to map the worldwide climate of financial freedom and to present selected tools that could help to improve the overall situation.

“This year’s Congress is a unique opportunity to meet world’s famous personalities and experts, who not only can see the future of financial freedom in decentralized technologies, but they as well contribute to this future themselves,” said Martin Šíp, a specialist on crypto currencies and a congress co-organizer, adding that the technology helps the users to break out of the economical dependency on the state.

The congress will again welcome Slovak economical analyst Juraj Karpiš, the author of bestseller Bad Money (Zlé peniaze). The Czech Republic will be represented by Radim Kozub and Pavel Urbaczka, lawyers specialized on crypto currency issues. Other speakers from the region are featured as well.

Some workshops will focus on prediction markets, a virtual marketplace created around events of public life. Users could, after paying a deposit in bitcoin, predict potential results of a certain event. If the event really happens, the person with the closest guess wins the full amount.

While the congress is sold out, people can still support Paralelní Polis in its mission. The organization brings together art, social sciences, and modern technologies. Its main goal is to promote economic, social and digital freedom.

The project operates entirely without government support. Funds come from voluntary contributions and from commercial activities such as a co-working space and the world's first bitcoin-only cafe.

Paralelní Polis was founded by members of the art group Ztohoven, and Slovak and Czech hacker spaces. The project tries to be a voice of freedom in order to shape public discourse, and ultimately work towards what they call a freer future.

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