Prague 6 getting solar-powered toilets

A pilot program will test if they are suitable for playgrounds

Solar-powered portable toilets should appear in some playgrounds in Prague 6 by the end of the year. They will be energy self-sufficient and have a mobile charger on the side. If the pilot program is successful they will be put in approximately 100 playgrounds in the Prague 6 district.

The price of each solar toilet is Kč 150,000, depending on customization. Entry to the toilet will be Kč 5 or Kč 10 but must be paid via SMS as there will not be a coin slot.

This follows on other separate efforts at creating an efficient city such as solar-powered benches that serve as WiFi hotspots and phone recharging posts, and smart trashcans that send a message when they are full.

The solar-powered mobile toilets will be at playgrounds at Lotyšská and Anastázova streets, and at the Hadovka playground and at U Valu and Ladronka.

“It's about parents not having to go home with their baby. In addition to the toilet, there will be a sink, urinal, and sanitary items. All hygienic items are monitored online, so they can be replenished as needed,” Prague 6 City Councilor Roman Mejstřík, responsible for transport and the environment, told daily Mladá fronta Dnes.

Some local residents don't like that entry to the toilet can only be paid for via SMS, as many children don't have mobile phones and sometimes are on the playground without supervision.

Mejstřík said the entry fee covers the maintenance costs and prevents damage. He also said most older kids have mobiles and most of the smaller ones are with their parents.

Prague has faced criticism on travel-related forums for its relative lack of public toilets and the fact that they cost money to use, though the latter is common in Europe. Public urination is a misdemeanor and can be punished by a fine of up to Kč 5,000.

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