Czechs Googled elections and frozen mushrooms

The search terms for 2017 showed what caught the local interest the most

Google has released the annual search statistics, broken down by country. Natural disasters, celebrity scandals, and holiday traditions all topped the list of items that sparked the local curiosity.

The elections (volby) were popular, coming on top of the trends and current events categories. Interest peaked in mid-October. “Who will win the election” topped the who category and “how to vote” was third in the how-to category, with more people concerned over how to make an Easter whip (1st) and how to freeze wild mushrooms (2nd).

Ex-convict Jiří Kajínek was the most-popular local personality, while disgraced actor Kevin Spacey was the most-searched global figure. The most-searched celebrity loss was late singer Věra Špinarová, followed by Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington. The what category had people asking about the Antikythera mechanism, an ancient mechanical computer.

For recipes, people wanted to know how to make the lamb-shaped Easter cake called beránek.

Going along with elections in the trends category was people looking for a vote calculator, in sixth place. Ice hockey is a national obsession, and the World Championships was second, with interest peaking in May. People also wanted to know about lottery tickets, the Lidl e-shop and the supermarket game Penny hra in the third through fifth spots respectively. 

IPhone 8 and iPhone X called in at seventh and eighth in trends. Fidget spinners caught the attention spans at ninth and Věra Špinarová closed the top 10.

Current events had no surprises, with sports featuring heavily. After elections, the top terms were hockey World Championships, lottery tickets, Tour de France, Wimbledon, Black Friday, Australian Open, the Velká pardubická horse race, Hurricane Irma and IAAF World Championships in Athletics.

The how to category had the oddest results, with people asking how to blow an egg, which refers to poking holes in the raw egg’s shell and emptying out the insides to create a hollow egg shell. This is done for Easter. People also wanted to know how to make butter, as prices shot up sharply.

The who category also had some strange questions. “Who died in the street?” “Who catches in the rye?” and “Who knows?” were among the top 10 burning questions asked by Czechs in 2017.

Czechs showed their dry sense of humor in the what category by asking Google, “What should I do when I am bored?” The answer obviously is Googling silly questions. They also wanted to know what was for lunch and what was for dinner, and what to bring on vacation. “What is ADHD?” is also something Czechs searched for repeatedly.

Czech searches differed from global ones. The top global trends were Hurricane Irma, iPhone 8 and iPhone X. The latter two items also topped the consumer tech category. The news was topped by Hurricane Irma and bitcoin.

Disgraced newscaster Matt Lauer and future princess Meghan Markle were the top in the people category. The actor's category was led by Meghan Markle and Kevin Spacey.

Wimbledon topped sports, while Ariana Grande, who staged a big concert in Manchester after a terrorist attack, was the top musician. Tom Petty was the most searched person who died.

“Cash me outside” was the top meme. IT was the most-searched movie and people wanted to know how to cook a chicken breast.

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