Prague launches Innovation Market

The city has a new website to facilitate getting new ideas into production

Prague City Hall is launching a web application called Innovation Market (Trh inovací). It is another tool to help businesses in Prague by making it easier for companies to implement innovative concepts and connect with science-based research institutes. 

Prague Mayor Adriana Krnáčová (ANO) said promoting entrepreneurship and innovation is very important to City Hall. “I think we are constantly proving it. We have opened two city incubators where we give young companies the opportunity to develop their ideas and projects. From vacant City Hall buildings we have made the Prague Creative Center where [companies] can merge innovation, culture, and education,” Krnáčová said on the City Hall Website.

The Innovation Market is a web application that has information on the range of services offered by research institutes operated by the city and by universities. It includes a detailed description of each available service and has contacts for representatives of the individual institutions.

This database is available at and currently contains information from 90 scientific research centers operating in Prague. This information will be updated on a regular and regular basis, both on the initiative of the institutions and on the basis of the demand from the companies, City Hall said in a press release.

“The Innovation Market is the tool we want to use to bring the business community to the diverse range of unique research institutions in Prague. In conjunction with money from the Prague Voucher project, this is a comprehensive solution to get innovation from universities into practice,” Krnáčová said. The Prague Voucher program provides subsidies in several areas including support for innovative projects and financing for visiting talent to stay at tech incubators.

The Innovation Market is aimed at facilitating entrepreneurs' access to opportunities offered by Prague’s research capacities. It is also intended to accelerate the commercialization of the results of the Prague research institutes, according to City Hall.

The database can be used on a classic computer or a smartphone. Searches can be performed according to service type, field classification, and full text. If you view the database on a regular computer, you can also search the open data source table.

The database will also provide basic information for entrepreneurs who want to participate in the Prague Voucher program, which was launched at the beginning of the year. It offers Kč 480 million in support for Prague entrepreneurs.

Prague is home to several universities that are involved in developing new technology. These include Charles University (UK), Czech Technical University in Prague (ČVUT) and Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (ČZU). The city is also home to both new and established high-tech companies.

In addition to the Innovation Market, the city also has a Smart City program aimed at integrating new technology into everyday life in the city to make Prague easier to live in.

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