Prague plans more car recharging stations

The city is trying to promote electric cars by making them easier to use

Prague is making it easier to own electric cars. Some 59 new recharging stations are planned, in addition to the approximately 100 that already exist.

Building infrastructure for 59 recharging stations for electric cars in Prague will cost Kč 27.7 million, according to city-owned tech firm Operátor ICT.

At the end of January and start of February, the company will give the city management a tender for its approval for selecting a builder for the bases for the stations.

The bases should be completed in 2019. The bases will be subsequently leased to selected operators.

Nine bases for medium-speed charging stations will be built at current parking lots, and 50 bases for fast charging will be built at busy places in Prague.

The design work is currently underway. A contract will first be announced for eight stations, then during the year contracts will be announced for the remaining 51. The city will make a framework contract with the winner.

The bases for the recharging stations will be leased to private operators selected in a tender. Operátor ICT is currently preparing the specifications.

The stations should be uniform and meet several requirements. They will be color coordinated with parking coupon vending machines and will not carry advertisements. The operator will discuss the design with conservationists so they fit in with the city’s aesthetic.

The operation of completed recharging stations should be evaluated after one year to see if there is sufficient demand for more.

Prague City Hall last June approved Kč 950,000 for the Prague 2 Town Hall to build three recharging stations. The city wants to replace part of its fleet of cars with electric cars.

Operátor ICT is responsible for issuing the Lítačka card for public transportation and for making public WiFi hotspot, among other things involving the implementation of technology in the city.

Prague has a long-term Smart City plan to introduce new technology for the public to use. The city also has goals to reduce the use of fossil-fuel powered cars by encouraging other modes of transportation including electric cars.

In February 2017, then-prime minister Bohuslav Sobotka (ČSSD) said his government was also supporting electric cars and that the country planned to use EU funds develop a network of charging stations so by 2020 there should be some 1,200 stations nationwide.

The government was also intending to increase its use of electric cars, he said at the time.

Carmaker Škoda previously announced plans to introduce a purely electric car in 2020, and it estimates that by 2025 up to a quarter of its sales could be from electric cars.

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