Car sharing website launched

The city is cooperating with car sharing services on new portal

A website has been launched to help facilitate car sharing. Prague City Hall and the Czech Carsharing Association have completed a website after two years of work to allow car sharing in the capital. There will be the possibility of picking up and returning vehicles in blue and purple zones in paid parking zones.

Service providers must meet the definition of shared vehicles approved by the City Council in 2016. In Western Europe, car sharing is a professional service with an addressable operator, guaranteed quality and a wide range of uses, the City Hall website pointed out.

It is not to be confused with ride sharing. In car sharing, a driver uses an app to locate a parked car that can be rented for and then left in a new location for another user.

“This system allows you to select any shared car directly from a map of Prague. Here, everybody will also find information about the service provider for the selected car, and any registration and subsequent information related to its use,” Prague Deputy Mayor Petr Dolínek (ČSSD) said on the City Hall website.

In practice, every registered car-sharing user can find and book any car anywhere in Prague, whether directly on (CZ) or an application with the service provider.

During the time the vehicle is borrowed by the customer, it is no longer authorized to be parked in blue and purple zones. This activates again at the end of booking, which will re-display the car on the map or application for the next user. So someone can leave the car in a blue or purple zone if that is the end of the rental period.

“I'm glad we managed to join forces with Prague City Hall to support a project that will bring Prague's car sharing closer to the Prague people,” Czech Carsharing Association President Hynek Homola said.

The main goal is to offer a simple, convenient and considerate mobility service. The user who needs the car only occasionally has a diverse fleet of cars thanks to car sharing and can save many worries and much money compared to owning a car and having to pay for an urban parking spot, according to City Hall.

One modern, a shared car can replace up to 10 private cars with efficient use, and help save the environment by reducing emissions and reducing the need for parking spaces.

Car sharing services in Prague are also exploring the use of electric cars, but so far that is just a pilot program.

Four companies in the Czech Republic offer car sharing. The largest is Car4way, which at the end of 2017 has about 240 cars in Prague, the other companies have about 60 cars.

Carsharing provides in Prague:
Car4Way (ENG)
Autonapul (ENG)

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