The largest VR attraction in Europe to date will be launched in Prague

DIVR Labs make dreams of virtual reality come true

The DIVR Labs development studio in Prague gained financial investment of USD 1 million last year to support the development of a project with global potential in the field of “virtual reality” (VR) experiences.

DIVR Labs is developing a unique multisensory experience – a game combining the latest dimension in VR with real-world motion, in which the player is immersed in the environment of ancient Prague and meets the legendary Golem. The largest VR attraction in Europe to date will be launched in the Prague branch of Hamleys at the end of April and start of May 2018. The studio aims to subsequently distribute Golem and similar gaming concepts all over the world.

“The position held by the DIVR studio is unique, not only in the Czech Republic but also throughout Europe and the whole world. This is to say that the whole sector of advanced VR attractions is still in its fledgling stage and we have a chance to be a leader rather than a follower,” says Lukáš Burda, company director, describing his bold vision for the future.

About DIVR Labs

The DIVR Labs development studio in Prague was created in June 2016 and launched its first game, Blue Effect, in the same year. This was also the first Czech game to be created especially for virtual reality. The game enjoyed success among the Czech and global public as well as among critics, leading DIVR to gain a reputation as a recognised authority in the field of VR entertainment.

Behind the foundation of DIVR Labs is Jan Galgonek, founder, and director of the Adexpres Group, which he sold in 2016 to the international Dentsu Aegis Group. In the summer of 2017, the serial entrepreneurs Jerry Javornický and Adam Paclt, known for example from their companies IceWarp and SpaceKnow invested in the company, as did the investors Nextech Ventures and Reflex Capital, headed by the founder of the e-shop CZC Josef Matějka and the founder of Ondřej Fryc. “The possibility of linking virtual reality and the real world in the story of the Golem represents a unique combination in view of the possibility for scaling business to other locations around the world. For the first time ever in the CEE region, customers will have the opportunity of trying VR while moving around. We are delighted to be part of the DIVR Labs story,” says Matějka as regards the prospects for this new form of entertainment.

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