Metro to become greener

The city has approved projects to modernize ventilation in the shafts

Prague has given a green light to more projects to promote energy savings in urban structures. City Hall approved a subsidy to modernize the main air ventilation in the shafts of the Metro A, B and C lines and an upgrade of the escalators at the Palmovka station.

The Prague Public Transport Company (DPP) will replace obsolete facilities for safer and more economical ones that are energy efficient. DPP is asking for a total of Kč 109.6 million for both projects.

The costs of the modernization will be co-financed from the Operational Program Prague — the Pole of Growth of the Czech Republic (OP PPR). DPP applied for a subsidy for the modernization of air-conditioning equipment and lighting in metro stations.

“We are striving to improve the environment in Prague. The supported measures must go hand in hand with lower operating costs. The transport company projects are highly used facilities, where modernization will be very significant,” City Councilor Irena Ropková (ČSSD), responsible for education and European funds, said on the City Hall website.

Investing in reducing the intensity of energy usage in the city brings positive environmental and economic impacts, and also increases the quality of service to citizens and visitors to the metropolis.

In separate news regarding the metro system, the city as expected approved the extension of the planned Metro D line in the direction of Žižkov and Vysočany. The Prague Institute of Planning and Development (IPR) will now have to make the changes to the Municipal Plan. In the past, IPR developed an analysis to extend route D from Vinohrady to Náměstí Republiky.

The reason that an extension to Žižkov and Vysočany would be needed is the planned development of Nákladové nádraží Žižkov, the former freight station.

Metro D will use driverless trains. A survey of the land for the Metro D line should begin this year and run into August of next year. After that construction should finally begin.

The metro system has been seeing a lot of renovation recently, with the Muzeum station on the metro A line being rebuilt, and work being done to escalators at Anděl and Náměstí Republiky. An escalator at Nádraží Veleslavín, which connects to a bus to Václav Havel Airport, is also being built. The city became a joke in the international press when the station opened without one in March 2015, causing porters to be hired to carry luggage.

The Jinonice metro stop was closed for renovation for most of 2017.

The Prague metro began operation in 1974 and now has three lines with 61 stations. It currently has a transit network 65.2 kilometers long.

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