Paralelní Polis holding a Crypto Camp

People can learn all about new currencies, 3D printing and other trends

New cryptocurrencies and similar developments remain a mystery to many people. But there is a way the shed some light on the dark parts of cyberspace.

You can spend seven days, from Aug. 5 to 11, at Crypto Camp Paralelní Polis 2018. Ethical hackers will teach participants the basics of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, digital security and encryption, 3D printing, blockchain and smart contracts, and DIY robotics.

The camp is aimed at people coming from outside of the city. Accommodation, meals and the educational program will be held at Paralelní Polis at Dělnická 43 in Prague 7–Holešovice.

The building has a cafe and restaurant called the Bitcoin Coffee as well as a dormitory.

“We will equip you with the knowledge and tools to engage in an independent society and protect your liberty,” the organizers state.

Each day participants can attend a lecture, workshop and evening movie screening focused on one of the camp's themes.

Lectures are in the mornings. People can learn about risks associated with cryptocurrencies and different kinds of wallets, for example. For the darknet, people can get basic skills in navigation and find out how to use an anonymous operating system on a USB flash drive.

People also can find out how to prepare digital files for 3D printing and try to print an item.

Workshops in the afternoons are not included in the base price for the camp and relate to the topic of the morning lecture.

The camp ends with a party, and every participant receives a certificate of completion and a T-shirt.

There will be time for leisure activities and exploring Prague. Holešovice, a former industrial area, is becoming an arts and culture center.

Prague's main historical attractions are a few minutes away by tram, and several large parks are also nearby for biking, skateboarding or rollerblading.

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