Airwaynet is a local option for internet

A small firm promises to provide a higher level of customer service

As an expat, one of the very first things you need when you arrive in a new place is a good internet provider. These days, internet connection is almost as much a necessity as food and shelter. Finding a good and reliable internet provider is absolutely essential. One alternative to the big providers is the local company Airwaynet.

Many customers of the big providers grow sick of playing cat and mouse trying to get in contact with a service that keeps putting them on hold or doesn’t reply to emails.

While well-known internet providers offer highly competitive rates, they are often lacking when it comes to customer service. There are some other options on the market, such as smaller local businesses.

Airwaynet is one of these up-and-coming internet providers picking up more and more of a customer base in Prague. They are a local, expat-friendly business providing fast internet connection through Wi-Fi, DSL and fiber. They currently cover 97.2 percent of Prague and surrounding areas.

The company started as a “three-man-show” in Prague in 2005 with three transmitters. Since then, they have grown their brand significantly in the area and now have 40 employees.

“We cover Prague with 200 broadcasters (access points) and we continue to expand our network by building additional transmitters. At present, we serve 12,000 customers out of which there are approximately 1,000 businesses on our unique guaranteed connection service. We are competing with international companies, and our offer is still competitive,” Filip Figala, director of sales and marketing at Airwaynet, said.

Their packages are reasonably priced and they provide fast internet service, but the main draw appears to be their customer service.

“We offer non-stop technical support, where we help our customers not only regarding connection, but we also help with the setup of additional devices such as PCs, web cameras, and many others. It is easy to get in touch with us as we always answer the phone. There are no additional fees to the monthly payment for internet connection. Installation, activation and new Wi-Fi routers are free of charge.” says Figala.

They provide a service that is ideal for the expat and immigrant community. The contracts are only 12 months long, and the staff is entirely made of proficient English speakers.

“We have long-term experience with expats as we offer our services in several expat residences, such as Americká park, Cosmopole, MH Apartments, and the Mylnerovka residences. As a Wi-Fi provider, we can connect almost any building, apartment, or house with our ‘hands-on’ approach. We take an individualised approach to each customer. We always try to find an appropriate way to connect with potential clients,” Figala added.

Airwaynet is currently working on new products, such as fiber connection to more than 100 addresses, which will reach speeds of 300 Mbit/s. They also offer speeds of up to 1000 Mb/s with their guaranteed connection package, which is ideal for companies. They also offer internet TV packages for a reasonable price, with many channels in languages other than Czech.


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