Chytrá města pro budoucnost

Three high-tech projects won awards including a 3D data model

The City of Prague won in three categories at the second annual Smart Cities for the Future (Chytrá města pro budoucnost).

The contest gave awards to municipalities and suppliers of the most significant Smart City and Smart Region projects in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany for the year 2018.

Prague won in three categories: Smart City 2018 for over 50,000 inhabitants, Smart Region 2018, and the Jury Prize. Prague is technically both a city and a region.

“Thanks to this competition, Prague has shown that it is a real leader in the implementation and testing of innovative solutions in the urban environment. I am particularly pleased with the Jury Prize for the best municipal data portal in 2018, which we obtained for the city’s data platform Golemio. Quality city data and its subsequent use for city management are essential building materials for creating a Smart City,” Prague Mayor Zdeněk Hřib (Pirates) said.

In the category of Smart City over 50 000 inhabitants, Prague has won for a 3D data model of Prague that jury members appreciated for the uniqueness of its use virtual reality to integrate data for subsequent planning and management of the city’s needs.

Municipal company Operátor ICT collaborated on this project with a virtual reality startup called grey dot.

The main prize in the Smart Region category was awarded to a joint project of Prague and the Central Bohemia region for the regional transport project PID Lítačka, which since August has connected these two regions to allow traveling in a unified system with one travel document. This is the largest transit system in the Czech Republic, covering nearly 3 million inhabitants out the countries total of 10.58 million.

Operátor ICT was also involved in PID Lítačka. “We were very honored to take part in the Smart Cities for the Future 2018 Competition and for the entire Operátor ICT team, we are proud of the success of the projects that we test and put into operation for our capital city. I firmly believe that the regional transport project PID Lítačka, which was created thanks to the unique cooperation of many actors, can be an inspiration for other Czech and European cities and regions,” Michal Fišer, CEO of Operátor ICT, said.

This year's competition gave awards to projects in 11 categories. The expert jury consisted of representatives of state and public administration, unions, innovation platforms, and major contractors. The next edition of Smart Cities for the Future Competition will focus in 2019 on working with governmental and expert institutions across the Central European region.

The previous administration in Prague’s City Hall launched several high tech programs, including solar powered benches that can recharge phones, smart waste cans that notify collectors when they are full, the Lítačka transit card, and several projects related to automobile travel.

The new City Hall administration, led by the Pirates in cooperation with Praha Sobě and United Force for Prague, has made data-driven solutions to municipal issues one of its key platform points.

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