Flood preparations getting fixed

Kampa and a suburb near the airport are both seeing upgrades

Prague is looking to improve its flood protection before there is another significant threat. The city selected two firms to get public procurement contracts for flood protection measures in Malá Strana in Prague 1 and Přední Kopanina, a suburb near Václav Havel Airport Prague.

“These are important repairs and adjustments to flood control measures. From my point of view, in the open tender, very good offers were selected to ensure the quality of the work,” Prague Deputy Mayor Petr Hlubuček (United Force for Prague) said.

In Malá Strana, the firm Green Project will provide repairs with a bid price of Kč 11.4 million excluding VAT.

The object of the construction in the Malá Strana is to eliminate deficiencies in the technical state of a set of flood protection structures on Kampa Island. In particular, part of the stone work meant to support the frame of the metal flood barriers should be replaced. These currently threaten proper function of the of the whole flood protection system, behind the steel thresholds.

Kampa is particularly susceptible to flooding, as it lies directly on the Vltava river. The island is home to several protected landmarks and historical buildings including the John Lennon Wall, Liechtenstein Palace, Museum Kampa and several Renaissance buildings.

In times of flooding, a metal wall is put up to protect most of the island from raising water levels.

In Přední Kopanina, Nowastav will take over the work with a bid price of Kč 17.4 million excluding VAT.

The stream Kopaninský potok will be revitalized to its nearly natural condition in order to weaken or prevent flooding in the developed areas in and around Přední Kopanina.

Prague has an extensive system of flood protection, and has drills to test the integrity of different sections of the portable flood wall several per year, so that it can be in good working order in times of emergency.

The city also is revitalizing streams, dams and other waterways to eliminate or reduce the possibility of flooding in populated areas.

The last major flood in Prague was in 2013, but that was minor compared to the one in 2002, which caught the city unprepared. Large parts of Old Town, Malá Strana and the residential district Karlín were devastated and section of the metro system also flooded.

Preparations made after the 2002 flood helped to lessen the effects of the 2013 flood.

Significant floods also took place in 1784, 1845, 1890, and in 1940. The one in 1890 collapsed the central part of Charles Bridge.

Markers can be found on some buildings in Kampa showing the levels of flood waters on the various years.

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