Electric cars to get special plates

Prague allows alternative-powered cars to park for free

Drivers of eco-friendly vehicles can get new license plates that will allow them to get special parking privileges in paid parking zones.

Owners of electric cars or hybrid cars can apply for the special license plate from April 1, if the CO2 value in combined operation is at most 50g / km. Hydrogen powered car owners can also get new plates either when registering a new vehicle or by requesting to replace the existing registration number.

The original registration or the change for these vehicles, with the assignment of the EL series tag, will be free of charge. The motor vehicle office will issue the new plates within 15 days of the date of submission of the application.

Getting the new plates is not mandatory. Owners or operators can keep their original plates if they choose.

However, the new plates will allow electric cars to park free of charge in paid parking zones without additional registration. The registration fee is Kč 100.

“Our goal is to reduce traffic emissions, and so we support favoring cars with alternative power sources. Their free parking in paid parking zones is one way to make it easier for drivers of these cars to move around the city,” Prague Deputy Mayor Adam Scheinherr (Praha Sobě) said.

Prague also plans to strengthen the existing charging station network for electric cars. By the end of 2019, some 50 fast-charging and nine medium-speed charging points should be built in Prague's streets. The project coordinator is Operátor ICT, which is responsible for implementing Smart Cities technologies in Prague.

The Czech Republic will also be offering benefits to drivers of electric cars, such as not making them pay a highway tax and not putting a tax on the electricity to charge cars, unlike other fuel sources that are taxed. In the future, electric cars may be exempt from tolls and have their own lanes.

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