1, 80 CZK/min to all neighboring countries with OpenCall Mobile

50.000 free minutes to its 50.000th client!

Confirming its position as the most affordable prepaid operator for local and international calls, OpenCall Mobile is offering a new low rate. Beginning on March 1st, OpenCall Mobile will offer a unique rate of 1.80Kc/min for calls in the Czech Republic and to its neighboring countries: Austria, Germany, Poland and Slovakia. 

This rate will apply to all of OpenCall’s existing clients, as well as to future clients who buy an OpenCall Prepaid SIM Card online or at any of its point of sales: Relay, Don Paelo, City Tabak, Traficon, Electroworld, or at any of its independent shops. 

50.000 free minutes to its 50.000th client! (for calls to CZ, AU, DE, PL, SK)

“We are excited to celebrate our 50,000th OpenCall client at the beginning of this year,” says Vincent Charollais, CEO of DH Telecom. “It’s the result of all the energy expended by our team to reach this goal. OpenCall has confirmed its place in the Czech market, despite it being an extremely competitive market and we are looking forward to surprise our clients with our new rate – 1,80 CZK/min. to all neighboring countries.” 

“It is our great desire to offer fair price to our clients. The Czech Republic lies at the heart of Europe and has strong ties with its neighboring countries. Offering the possibility to connect with some 150 million people for the price of a local call? That is a unique and innovative step that hasn’t been seen on the Czech market yet!”


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