Praga is back with a new super sports car

New R1R, the first road car created by Praga since 1947

Czech car manufacturer Praga has published first pictures of its new super sports car the Praga R1R. The super light sports car can already been seen on the roads as part of their testing phase, while production for consumer sale is expected to begin in September.

Everyone knows that Skoda is a famous Czech brand but the Czech Republic is not exactly known for its tradition in sports cars. That could soon change however as Praga is back with a new super sports - The Praga R1R - an ultralight super sports car with true racing technology that will become the first road car created by Praga since 1947.

The new Praga R1R was street-homologated in March 2015 and is inspired by Praga’s racing prototypes that has been in development in recent years. Thanks to the power to weight ratio exceeding 550hp/1000kg, that is a similar ratio to the Bugatti Veyron, this model will offer the ultimate driving experience.

The aim of the engineers was to combine a functional dynamic, attractive design and to meet all the requirements that make this vehicle suitable for roads and highways. "The Praga R1R has redesigned the rear part of the engine and the transmission is suspended in a carrier frame, which ensures ride without excessive noise and vibration at low speeds" Jan Martinek, the project manager of the Praga R1R, told in a recent interview.

"The engine has also undergone considerable modifications, focused on higher performance and torque than any of his racing predecessor. There has also been an increase in tracing the air and cooling the car to adapt to the conditions on roads with speed limits. This additional power is controlled by the larger gearbox and reinforced drive shafts. The suspension has been adapted to run frequent bumps on normal roads, without compromising driveability." he added.

The first pictures released promise a spectacular car and we will soon see more when the Praga R1R official release is here, but nevertheless it looks like exciting times ahead Czech motorists and the sports car industy.

For more information please visit: Praga R1R

Photo: by Praga

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