Discover Shortcuts in Prague with these Smartphone Apps

Smartphones making your life easier... here some apps to support your daily living in Prague

Prague has a unique contrast between it's historic streets and modern society. With free WiFi offered at most cafes and restaurants as well as many of the newer trams, the following apps can help make your life easier even without a data plan.

Liftago Taxi (Transportation)
If you're in a rush or just too exhausted to make several transfers on public transportation, this app can get you a taxi in just 5 minutes. With full control over the fare and route, Liftago provides a service that feels more personal than a regular taxi. One of the best perks is the hassle-free payment through the app.

Google Play / App Store Liftago Taxi
Price: Free
Android and iPhone (Restaurant reservation)
This app allows you to easily make reservations at most of the restaurants in Prague. This app offers over 80,000 verified reviews, photos and detailed information about each restaurant and allows you to make a hassle-free reservation without that dreaded phone call. The app will tell you the available times and dates and will let you chose the number of seats and in some cases even table location. Once you finish the reservation, you can easily send information about the reservation to your friends, family, co-workers or date via email or text.

Google Play / App Store Restu
Price: Free
Android and iPhone

Dame Jidlo (Ordering food)
This app offers a convenient way to order food from quality restaurants in Prague. It allows you to choose which type of cuisine from pizza, pasta, salads, steaks, Chinese food, sushi, burgers and even a lunch menu. If you're not satisfied, you can contact customer service and they will give you a refund.

Google Play / App Store Dame Jidlo
Price: Free
Android and iPhone

Jízdní řády IDOS (Transit information)
With detailed information on public transportation routes all over the Czech Republic. This app allows you to chose the city you want to navigate and the chose two stops or points on a map. The results will show you all the possible connections with the amounts of transfers, stops and total time of the journey. You can set the time you want to depart or arrive to help you avoid being late. But the best part is that the app is always up to date with any tram changes due to weather or accidents as well as major delays.

Google Play / App Store Jízdní řády IDOS
Price: Free
Android and iPhone

what3words (Map)
This unique app was designed to help people find places that don't have a specific address. Whether you are in a park, climbing a mountain, at a festival or exploring a foreign country: what3words has a global grid of 57 trillion of 3mx3m squares. Using this app you can have an exact location, easily shared with others without complicated explanations or getting lost.

Google Play / App Store what3words
Price: Free
Android and iPhone

Photo Translator (Translator)
In our busy lives, it takes too long to type out everything you need to translate. Whether you need to translate a menu, an advertisement, a food label or pretty much anything else; this app allows you to simply take a photo of the text and the app will translate it to or from 36 languages including Czech.

Google Play Photo Translator Free
Price: Free

Google Goggles
(Searching app)
Similar to the photo translator, this app allows you to take a photo of whatever you are curious about and Google will search for it in it's database. Famous land marks, bar codes, QR codes, paintings and other popular images will no longer be a mystery. Similarly to the Photo Translator this app can also translate text, although it can only read text in Spanish, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Turkish.

Google Play Google Goggles
Price: Free

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Whats your favorite Prague App? Let us know and mail us to [email protected] and will add also your app to this selection.

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