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Czech Republic, a country where Google doesn't win ...

The Czech Republic is one of five countries in the world (the other four are Russia, Japan, Korea and China) where Google isn’t the main search engine. is a great resource for people living in Prague and Czech Republic as it may offer information that Google doesn’t. Also, it has an adorable dog mascot.… najdu tam, co neznám” is the slogan for that means it is the place to discover what you don’t know. The homepage has an overview of the weather, TV program schedules, horoscope information and all sorts of information. Which everything is automatically in Czech, you can still search in English to get English results.

This search engine is a great place to locate small Czech pubs or get uncommon information. It has great tools for searching for products that you may want to buy or research the price of, (online map) has some great features that are not available on Google. Remember, Czechs use this search engine more than Google, so as hard as it might be to believe, you can expect to discover things on about the Czech Republic that even Google doesn’t know.

Above the search bar there are several ‘tabs’ to choose from: Firmy, Mapy, Slovník, Zboží, Obrázky and Videa. When you press on them, you will stay on the same page until you enter something into the search bar. You can use these to do the following:

: this search will give you all results for that word, similarly to, or any other search engine.

Firmy: this will take you to which will show information about the company you searched for including its location on a map and a hyperlink that will take you to other companies with related services or products. Once you’re on this page you can also narrow down your search based on the region. If you have an account, you can keep a list of your favorite companies that will show up when you click on the star in the top right corner.

Mapy: this will take you to and will search for the location you entered into the search bar. Unlike Google maps, that usually assumes that the location you are searching for is in your city, will list all the regions that contain the street, town or city that you searched for. If you click on any bus, tram or metro stop, it will give you a schedule of what leaves when and allows you to plan your journey by clicking on “Plánování”.

You can also find out the exact distance between any two points by clicking on “Body a měření” then Měření vzdálenosti” and then clicking on the map. This will give you the distance between them as well as their altitude with information about the slope between the two points. This can be useful when planning a trip with a baby carriage, wheelchair or an elderly person.

Slovnik: this will add a language drop down menu on the right that will translate the world either from Czech into the selected language or from the selected language to Czech. If you have an account, you can use the star to save words. You can access your words by clicking on “Moje slovíčka”. The languages available in this translator are English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Slovakian.

Zboží: this will take you to and will search for products. The results will show the product, price, how many stores it is available in and whether they have it in stock. You can choose from a drop down menu to sort the list by cena (price), výdejní místa (pick up locations), dostupnost (availability) and výrobce (manufacturer). You can choose to see the products in a list form or tile form.

Obrázky: this will take you to photos.

Videa: this will take you to videos.

Encyklopedia: this will take you to encyclopedia results. This means that the results will be from Wikipedia, Wikimedia, Wiktionary and others. If you search in English, the results will be in English, however many are also from the Czech version of Wikipedia.

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