Fofola and Other Czech YouTube Sensations

Are lisping dogs, crazy pranks and spot-on impersonations the foundation of Czech Humor?

Czechs are commonly teased for living in the past; but while local radio stations are still playing hits from 2005, Czechs are getting millions of views on YouTube. researched the top 10 most watched non-music videos made by Czechs (and Slovaks) and came up with some hilarious results.

Surprisingly, half of the ten most popular videos were made by Kofola and feature the popular meme dog with a lisp. Some love the idea and some hate it but the point is that everyone knows it. The top video Fofola a moucha got over 2,100,000 views in just eight months with over 200 comments including “I can already see it in the USA: Do you want a Fofa-Fola?” by Vladitorr. The advertisement even made it to 9GAG.

The videos are short, simple and funny starring a CGI dog that is always getting into trouble and pronounces Kofola as Fofola because of his lisp. The other four of the most popular Fofola videos are Fofola a kost, Fofola a pop-up okno, Fofola a pizza and Fofola a vířivka. They have 5,400,000 views all together, and must break a popularity record for Czech advertisements surpassing even the still talked about advertisement that was banned from TV for racism (Bobika).

Kofola has been known to make great commercials but this theme was by far the most popular. The unusual move to intentionally advertise their mispronounced product was popular even among people who claim to hate all advertisements. It’s been months since the advertisements ran on TV amusing people even beyond the Czech Republic but you will still hear the occasional “dáš si fofolu?” (do you want a Fofola?) in a pub or supermarket.

A popular Czech YouTube Star, Hoggy took 5th place on the list with a Karaoke impersonation video that was watched over 1,700,000 times. With over 565 thousand subscribers, Hoggy does funny videos on a variety of topics and keeps viewer comments in mind for video ideas. In his impersonation video he sings along to popular songs in English as Mr. Bean, Sid from Ice Age, Golem and other personalities that I won’t spoil.

Next on the list is another funny video, this time in Slovak. #1 GTA ANIMATED currently has over 1,800,000 views and is dubbed in Slovak. It is an animated video featuring two silly guys arguing, the rest you can see for yourself – it’s funny even if you don’t speak Slovak. It was put together by GoGoManTV and menameselassie, two popular YouTube channels.

Last but not least, ViralBrothers is probably one of the most popular Czech YouTube channels known for their great pranks. Cenek and Erik’s girlfriend pranks often appear on Facebook and are shared by people from around the world. The video that was last on the list in December of 2015 has over 18,000,000 views today is about Cenek doing a hair loss prank on his girlfriend. But don’t worry there are plenty of videos of her getting revenge.

You can discover a lot about Czech humor by watching these top YouTube videos of 2015. There is a lot of slapstick as well as more serious and subtle humor. Either way it’s a great way to dig deep into the culture and find out that there is more to the seemingly down-to-earth Czechs than meets the eye.

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