Ferat 2: Introducing “Dracula” of the motorcycle world

Motorcycle enthusiasts welcome the world premiere of a unique Czech motorcycle

While the name Ferat 2 might not mean much to an expat in the Czech Republic today, if you had lived in the Czech Republic back in the early 1980s, you would have known the original Ferat – a blood-drinking Skoda 110 Super Sport. The one-of-a-kind vampire car with its boxy shape and row of gleaming headlights was nicknamed “Ferat” as a pun on Duke of Nosferat (Dracula).

In 1982, the cult horror film Upír z Feratu (Vampire of Ferat), wooed audiences in the Czech Republic (and abroad) with its unique story line and mesmerizing main character, long before vampires became the rage of teenage romances and big screen films that they are today. Based on a sci-fi story originally written in the 1960s by Josef Nesvadba, the film Upír z Feratu was directed by Juraj Herz and designed by Oscar winner Theodor Pištěk. The film starred Ferat, a blood-drinking sports car that was powered by the blood from its driver’s heel when the driver stepped on the gas pedal. Ferat was unbeatable in races and rallies, and each driver that drove the car couldn’t help but fall under its influence.

Inspired by the story of the original Ferat, a team of talented designers and developers led by project manager Ondřej Hrůza set out to create a Ferat 2 motorcycle. After one year and more than 5,000 hours of work in design and development, the Ferat 2 prototype was unveiled at a press conference on February 25, 2016 in the Mark Luxury Hotel in Prague 1.

Like its car namesake, Ferat 2 has a unique design and a powerful motor. An exclusive, handcrafted motorcycle with a throbbing Ducati engine for a heart, Ferat 2 is a motorcycle that combines superpower with a streamlined design and top-of-the-line components. It gleams in tones of shiny red, black, silver and gold, looking very much like what you might expect from a 21st century Dracula motorcycle.

Ferat 2 weighs 169 kg and has a max of 169 HP, making it one of the lightest, most powerful supersport motorcycles on the market. It can ride at speeds of up to 270 km/h. And, according to its creators, Ferat 2 may induce addiction in its driver, just like its namesake.

The design is the work of Roman Šimčík (who has done design work for Porsche, AMG and Skoda). When asked about the design specifically, Šimčík said that he wanted to design a motorcycle that was a “natural organism.” Many aspects of the motorcycle are custom-designed to fit the owner to promote an optimal synergy between the bike and its driver. Although the motorcycle doesn’t actually run on blood, there is the option to place a capsule of the owner’s own blood into the frame.

When Ferat’s movie director Herz and designer Pištěk were informed about the new Ferat 2, they endorsed the creative endeavor with enthusiasm. Both men gave their permission to use the Ferat name and agreed to serve as godfathers for the project. Herz, a motorcycle enthusiast, even sat on the motorcycle a few times. Afterward, he joked that he’d gladly direct a Ferat 2 film – with a motorcycle this time.

Although the Ferat 2 team aimed to use as many Czech products as possible, the heart of the motorcycle is a Ducati Testastretta II engine, which is one of the most powerful two-cylinder motorcycle engines in the world. Throughout the press conference, the constant pulsing of the motorcycle’s engine kept a steady heartbeat as its team of creators spoke about the steps of the project, from their original inspiration to the final realization. When project manager, Ondrej Hruza finally revved the powerful engine, the room of spectators burst into applause.

But Ferat 2 wasn’t originally supposed to be a series. When CEO Lubor Kos entered the project after the prototype had been created for a client who’d given the team a free-hand in design, he was so taken by the motorcycle that he encouraged its creators to consider a limited-edition series. The team agreed to produce 25 pieces with the original owner retaining Prototype 01, which will be the most valuable motorcycle in the series. In order to keep the project a secret during its three months of testing, they tested the motorcycle under the cover of night, with only forest animals witnessing the testing runs.

Ferat 2 is made of carbon, titanium and high-strength Dural components, including, notably, all-carbon wheels. Although the motorcycle is fully equipped with all the technical and functional components for a top-of-the-line racing motorcycle, its creators anticipate high interest from motorcycle enthusiasts who would like to display the bike as a piece of art. To this point, they developed a special carbon sofa so collectors can sit back and look at the Ferat 2 vampire in comfort, whether or not they actually decide to ride it.

Starting at an estimated cost of more than 2 million CZK (without VAT), the motorcycle is not for a casual rider. Due to the high level of handcrafted elements (approximately 70%), a Ferat 2 takes 9 months to build and customize to an individual owner.

For those of us who might like to have a look at the Ferat 2, but don’t have the funds to purchase one, the motorcycle will be on display at the upcoming Motorcyle event at Prague’s Výstaviště fairgrounds from 3-6.3.2016. Ferat 2 will also go on road tour across Europe and in the Gulf area this spring. During the annual Legendy motoring festival in Prague this summer, Ferat 2 will also be on display.

Website: www.ferat2.cz

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