OpenCall Mobile starts to partner with O2 so it can deliver better service and coverage

OpenCall mobile offers low price calling in Czech Republic as well to other countries worldwide

Expats and other people living in the Czech Republic often do not want to get caught up into a long-term phone service contract. One option is to use a mobile virtual network operator that lets you pay as you go.

OpenCall mobile, the number one MVNO in the Czech Republic on the foreigners’ market segment, is improving its service as of July 1, when it begins to partner with O2 Czech Republic. Prices for calls, which are among the lowest in the Czech Republic, will remain the same.

OpenCall mobile users acquiring a new OpenCall SIM Card powered by O2 will be able to make calls or transfer data anywhere that O2 has coverage. This is an improvement over the previous coverage, which was weak in some areas.

Customers can also get larger monthly data packages, up to three gigabytes. This is three times what is currently available.

We are very pleased to announce that our service will be greatly improved while we will also maintain the same low prices. Improving our coverage and data services has been a long-term goal since OpenCall began in 2013. OpenCall is an MVNO brand, but will now offer the same level of service as a main network operator,” said Vincent Charollais, CEO of DH Telecom, which operates OpenCall mobile for O2.

OpenCall mobile will continue to maintain its own multilingual customer support services. “Our level of customer satisfaction is already above average, and we look forward to achieving even higher levels in the near future,” Vincent Charollais said.

Customer service will continue to be provided in English, Czech, German, French, Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian and Vietnamese.

Aside from expats living in the Czech Republic, OpenCall mobile is also popular with people who have friends and relatives working in other countries, as OpenCall offers a cheap and convenient way of keeping in touch on a regular basis.

OpenCall mobile offers low price calling not only in the Czech Republic, at CZK 1 per minute, but also low prices to neighboring Austria, Germany, Poland and Slovakia at CZK 1.80 per minute. Calls to other countries worldwide are also among the lowest on the Czech market.

One complaint that existing customers had was that topping up, or adding more credit to the phone, was difficult. The change to partnering with O2 will make topping up much easier.

Customers can continue to top up online and now can also top up at any place that serves O2 customers. Using Sazka outlets, found in many shops and magazine stands, will also become easier, as a special bar-code card will no longer be needed, just the phone number as an O2 client.

Setting up a phone with a new SIM card will also be easier. OpenCall mobile clients will no longer have to manually configure their phone's APN to use data services.

Existing OpenCall mobile customers will receive information on how to change to the new cards and on how to retain their phone numbers. The sooner existing customers change over, the sooner they will receive better service.

Customers should acquire the new SIM cards, which can be done via mail or at O2 shops.

OpenCall mobile launched in September 2013 and now sold has over 130,000 SIM cards.

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