Where to Fix your Phone, Laptop or Notebook in Prague

First aid for your little high-tech friends

Do not panic about a cracked phone display or an overheating laptop. Prague is littered with repair shops that will take care of your exact needs. Where to go and how much it will cost depends on the severity of the problem, where you originally bought the device and whether you still have insurance.

There are many generic stores where you can get your technology fixed. Before you visit one, keep in mind that you may still have insurance on your device and getting a repair outside of the company where you purchased it may lose you the insurance. So if you have an Apple or Samsung for example, it may be worth stopping by their stores first:

• You can locate Apple stores in Prague at locate.apple.com (EN)
• The largest Samsung service point in Prague is the Samsung plaza at Ječná 36, Prague 2. www.inter-servis.cz (CZ)

If you purchased a phone through an operator such as O2, Vodafone or T-Mobile within the Czech Republic, you can get your phone repaired through them. Czech law gives them up to 30 days to fix and return your device. If you have the same internal technical problem three times while your insurance is valid (2 years) - you may be entitled to a free new phone.

Repairing technology bought abroad can be a little more expensive because the insurance may only work in the country of purchase. In this case you can take it to one of the many generic stores.

NB Servis (EN) is a large e-shop and service center who happen to be the to-go repair shop for the reputable online electronics store CZC (CZ). They have a contact forum where you can get a calculation of repair cost, they use a simple formula: price of repair = spare part price + work price (in minutes).

It is common for Apple products to have separate service shops because the technology is different. MacPodpora (CZ) is a popular repair shop for Apple users. You can use a translating tool to translate the price list page and find the prices and waiting time for iPhone, iMac and iPad repair.

A great place to get your laptop repaired is EGOS (CZ), located in Prague 5. They have a list of prices for the most common services on their home page (just scroll down and translate). They repair broken displays based on screen size.

If you’re in a hurry or have the same opening hours as some of the stores mentioned above, you can visit this 24/7 store called Nonstop PC (CZ). They have a non-stop hotline that you can call with inquiries and their price-list can be found here. The prices are per hour and depend on the time you visit them.

Finally, for anyone who is too busy to bring your device to the store, TechMax (CZ) is perfect because they will pick it up from your home or office for free. They specialize in overheating laptops and their complete list of services and prices can be found here. Each store can offer unique services so it’s always a good idea to ask around and see what suits you the best.

More Mobile Phone Repair Services in Prague - Prague.TV Business Directory

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