App tells you transit schedules and updates

A new app allows people to find the closest stop with GPS plus finds out about sudden changes

The Prague Public Transit Company (DPP) has launched a free smartphone app that has up-to-date timetables and other information. It can also use the phone's GPS system to locate the closest transportation stop.

The free app is available for both iOS and Android, and can be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play.

The application was finished at the start of the year, but has been fine tuned to work better with links to ROPID, the integrated transit system that includes the area surrounding of the city. Users of the app have several ways to get information. They can click on a bus icon, for example, and see all of the bus stops in their area. They can then find out the routes of the buses and the times that they will arrive.

The app also carries several feeds of news including planned route changes and also news about sudden interruptions and changes due to accidents or unforeseen circumstances. It also has information on available spots at Park and Ride locations and any changes regarding barrier-free access.

DPP is also in the process of adding WiFi to the vestibules of some metro stations and is in talks with mobile operators concerning the expansion of phone service in the metro tunnels. Currently, phones only have service at stations and the last stretch of the A line from Dejvice to Nemocnice Motol.

WiFi is also available on the newest tram model, the Škoda 15T ForCity Alfa, which is operating on the 9 line. The city is also expanding the number of tram routes where people can buy tickets with contactless cards, and currently some trams on the 22 and 18 lines can take the cards.

In other transit news, the routes of many trams are changing as of Aug. 28 and three new lines are being introduced. It is the most extensive change since 2012.

This year, the transit system is celebrating the 125th anniversary of the first electric tram, which in 1891 ran a route between Letná and Stromovka.

DPP INFO App download: Android  /  iOS

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