What did the Czech Republic Google search the most in 2016?

The local questions varied a lot from national trends

The annual statistics for Google, broken down by country, have been released and Czechs were most interested in searching rather pragmatic things.

Facebook was first, followed by YouTube. Translating service (překladač) came in third. And asking about public transportation at IDOS came in fourth. Looking for news site iDNES rounded out the top five. Even in the top 10, there were no celebrities. A cloud service, online maps, online advertising, the weather and an e-mail service took the next five spots.

Globally, the top searches were quite different. Pokémon GO was number one worldwide, followed by iPhone 7, Donald Trump, Prince and Powerball (a lottery). Rock star David Bowie, who died in 2016, was sixth, followed by the film Deadpool, the Olympics, another online game called Slither and the film Suicide Squad.

In the Czech Republic, the top celebrity search was the late David Bowie, followed by the late actor Alan Rickman, Australian singer Sia, the late actor Bud Spencer, the late pop star Prince, the late YouTube singer Christina Grimmie, English singer Adele, the late Canadian singer Leonard Cohen, Bud Spencer's film partner Terence Hill and French singer Amanda Lear. Six of the top 10 were people who died in 2016.

Globally, the figures were given differently. The top five searches among celebrities who died in 2016 were Prince, David Bowie, Christina Grimmie, Alan Rickman and Muhammad Ali. The most searched person globally was politician and reality TV star Donald Trump, followed by politician Hillary Clinton, swimmer Michael Phelps, former Slovenian model (and The Donald's wife) Melania Trump and Olympic gymnast Simone Biles.

Czech taste in films was very slanted toward Hollywood blockbusters. Deadpool and Suicide Squad were the top two both domestically and worldwide. Then the lists differed. The World War II drama Anthropoid, which was shot in Prague in English, was third in the Czech Republic but not on the global list. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was fourth domestically, but also not on the global top 10. The Revenant was fifth in the Czech list and third worldwide. The rest of the Czech top 10 includes the mystery The Girl on the Train, the Czech film Tiger Theory (Teorie tygra), the action sci-fi film Doctor Strange, the action film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and the German teen comedy Fack ju Göhte 2 (Fakjů pane učiteli 2).

There were also several burning questions. Top was “What is vaping?” Inquiring minds also wanted to know how to transfer a car. Next were economic questions about inflation and the trade deal CETA. People then wanted to know what “verse” meant. The next two were political: “What is a referendum?” and “What is Sharia law?” Weather came up next with “What is the temperature gradient?” And then something everyone would like to know: “What is qksee?” It apparently is an application some people want to uninstall. Finally, some people still don't know what “rap” is. Notable missing from the top 10 was Brexit, the Zika virus and any shootings or disasters.

For questions about people, “Who is Karel Gott?” came up first. Jiří Brady followed. The Holocaust survivor was caught up in a controversy over a presidential award. The third-place question was about who is president of the United States. A more down to earth concern about who was new on a dating site was next, followed by inquiries about the identity of the Half Blood Prince. The rest of the top 10 included questions about singer David Kraus and US politician Donald Trump.

The most popular food items searches for included red currants, followed by white currants. Sweetbread, mushroom sauce and zucchini pancakes rounded out the top five. Tripe soup was number nine, by the way.

The top local celebrity searches were Jan Cina, Anna Fialová, Anna K, Hana Holišová, Vlado Štancel, Iva Pazderková, Veronika Kopřivová, Veronika Lálová, Tomáš Valík and Markéta Procházková.

Sports figures in order were Niki Lauda, Peter Sagan, Muhammad Ali, Jinh Yu Frey, Věra Čáslavská, Dominik Furch, Lukáš Krpálek, Conor McGregor, Ladislav Vízek and Ondřej Bank.

For more information about the top searches including regional breakdowns, visit www.google.com

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