20 Apps to improve your life in Prague

Ease into 2017 with these 20 useful apps

NEW UPDATED LIST AVAILABLE HERE: Helpful Apps for Expats in Prague (Prague 10.11.2018)

There are smartphone apps for pretty much anything. Your phone can help to order your lunch or book a table, travel and get you some of the best deals in town. It can be difficult to navigate the ever-changing world of apps, so Prague.TV, Living Like a Local! has chosen 20 that will help you use your phone to its fullest extent with a local touch!

Taxi Alternatives

Hopin Taxi (EN, SK, CZ, UA, SI)
This app lets you order a taxi in Bratislava, Prague, Ostrava, Košice, Kiev and Ljublana. You can search for cars based on 7 parameters including price, ranking, popularity, car type and the driver’s language. This free app is available for Android, iPhone and BlackBerry.

Uber (EN, CZ and 34 other languages)
The Uber app connects to your bank account so you don’t need to worry about cash or card. Just select your pick-up location and the nearest car will arrive to pick you up – anytime, anywhere. Uber is available almost anywhere worldwide! This free app is available for Android and iPhone.

Public Transportation

iDOS is run by DPP which is what makes it one of the best public transportation apps. It give you the most accurate times of arrival and shows you the quickest way to get from point A to B. The app offers information about buses, metros, trams and even trains within the country! This free app is available for Android

DPP Info (EN,CZ, DE)
An alternative to iDOS, DPP info is a new app created by the City of Prague in cooperation with Prague Public Transit Company. It aims at simplifying traveling by public transportation. This free app is available for Android and iPhone.

Food and Dining

Restu (EN CZ)
Restu makes reservations to a restaurant, coffee shop or a pub easy and rewarding! Your booking is confirmed within 10 minutes, costs nothing and making reservations earns you credits. Once you have enough credits, you will get a voucher for a free meal! This free app is available for Android and iPhone.

Rohlik lets you buy groceries and have them delivered to your doorstep in just 90 minutes! Their vast selection includes organic food, meats from local farmers, ready made meals and a discounted section on soon-to-be-expired products. They even sell pet food and a variety of household items. This free app is available for Android and iPhone.

Dame Jidlo
(EN, CZ, SK)
Too busy to leave the office for lunch? Sick (or just lazy) at home and don’t want to cook or leave the house? Dame Jidlo lets you browse menus from a wide selection of restaurants in Prague. Delivery time varies based on your location and you get 100 CZK off your first purchase! This free app is available for Android and iPhone.

Pivni Denicek (CZ)
Similar to the beer guide, but more comprehensive and available only in Czech. Pivni Denicek (beer diary in English) lets you pick your location and gives you information about pubs in the area! You can sort them based on what beers they sell, opening times and much more! This free app is available for Android and iPhone.

Discovering Prague

Prague Travel Guide (EN)
Prague is always growing and changing – there is always something new to see! Discover new places to see and learn more about this beautiful city through the Prague Travel Guide. A big perk is that the app offers offline maps of the city, so you don’t need to worry about your data plan running out while looking for directions! This free app is available for Android and iPhone.

Top 100 Czech sights (Sightseeing)

Feeling overwhelmed by the number of attractions the Czech Republic has to offer? Not sure where to start, what’s worth your time, or what’s within your budget? Top 100 Czech sights offers basic info on, and photos for, the very best the country has to offer. After reading through its summaries of landmarks, cultural attractions, and spas, you can create your own list of the sights you want to see. Each of the 100 suggestions also includes a phone number, email address, address, and URL. In other words, this app makes Googling look like hard work. Google Play / App Store

Like a Local (EN)
Even more seasoned expats can fall into tourist traps or miss out on cool spots in Prague. Like a Local is a place where locals share their experiences and give you pointers on places to go and see. This app is available for Prague as well as over 50 other cities! This free app is available for Android and iPhone.

Yelp (EN, CZ and many other languages)
Everyone knows Yelp as the website that reviews restaurants, tours, business and just about anything else. Yelp is a great place to find out more about Prague, the best places to go and they even throw parties where you can meet new people and discover new places! This free app is available for Android and iPhone.

Google Maps
We could tell you how many great Prague maps are out there … but if you are an android user, you know there is nothing better than google maps. We have tried a lot of them over the last month, but always came back to the one. You have it on your phone already or find it easily in Googles Play Store

Czech Tourism
Offical Czech Republic tourist application available on Android and iPhone.

Language Apps

Duolingo (EN, CZ and many other languages)
This is one of the most popular language learning apps and it gives free lessons that helps learners of all levels study a wide variety of languages. Duolingo makes language learning a game – you can even compete with your friends! Finally, if you connect it to your LinkedIn profile, you can easily update your language proficiencies. This free app is available for Android and iPhone.

Learn Czech
Many expats complain that they don’t know Czech. Well here’s your chance to learn it! Apps make it so easy to learn on the go while you’re on your way to work or elsewhere. This app is available for Android and iPhone.

Discount Vouchers

Slevomat (CZ)
Slevomat is really popular among Czechs because it offers vouchers for a variety of experiences ranging from dining to adrenaline adventures. Thinking of going to a new restaurant or play an escape game with your friends? Check out Slevomat to see if you can do it cheaper! This app is available for Android.


Venmo (EN)
Venmo lets you share money with anyone else who has the app – you can easily connect it to your bank account or debit card. You can even use it to make purchases using your phone! This free app is available for Android and iPhone.

Mint (EN)
Mint is a great way to track how much money you’re spending (or wasting). You chose the areas where you spend money, such as rent, transportation, phone, etc. and you record every purchase. It’s a great way to see where all your money goes and helps you plan making big purchases. This free app is available for Android and iPhone.

Special Tip!

Mobdro (EN) - Worldwide free TV streaming!
Mobdro is an app that lets you watch videos for free! It is a tool that is constantly looking for free video streams that are available on the internet and makes them accessible on your phone! Although many aren’t in HD, it’s a great solution for when you’re away from home and want to watch something. There is a free version that includes some advertisements, or you can just upgrade to a premium. This free app is available for Android.

Let us know if you discover any great apps in 2017 making your Prague stay even better!

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