Mobile Operators on the Czech Market - 2017 Update

Virtual mobile operators are a great alternative for expats in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has a large selection of (virtual) mobile operators. For those who want to try something different, other than T-Mobile, O2 and Vodafone that are internationally known, the following 10 local Czech virtual mobile operators each have their own perks and special offers.

Opencall mobile powered by O2: The only operator with a website in English, Russian, Bulgarian, Vietnamese and of course Czech. Offering rates for international calls starting at 1.80 CZK/min, Opencall mobile was designed for low cost calling in the Czech Republic and especially abroad. Ideal for expatriates, Opencall mobile requires no contracts on its tariffs. The easy tariff offers a free SIM card that can be topped up to any desired amount.

Data packages
: 500 MB CZK 199,-- / 3GB CZK 449,-- (for more packages visit: (ENG / RU / VIET / BUL / CZ)

PREmobil: Most people know PRE as an electricity and gas-providing company, but offering also a mobile plan. They offer three different tariffs as well as a family plan. PRE Granat is meant for children or seniors who call very often. For just 90 CZK a month you get 50 SMS or minutes of calling with 2 CZK/minute and 1 CZK/SMS once the amount is used up. PRE Komfort offers 200 SMS or minutes of calling for 290 CZK/month. Finally PRE Aktiv offers unlimited SMS and calling + 500 MB of internet for 590 CZK/month. The contract is indefinite and can be cancelled with a 3 month notice. (CZ)

TescoMobil: With no contract or restraining commitments, TescoMobil offers unlimited free calling and SMS to others with the same operator and 1.50 CZK/minute and 1 CZK/SMS to all other operators.

Internet is offered in three different packages of 100 MB, 300 MB and 1 GB starting at 99 CZK. International calls vary on the region and costs either10 CZK, 20 CZK or 200 CZK/minute. Currently, the website is only available in Czech. (CZ)

SAZKAmobil: Known for a place to make bets and buy scratch-cards, but is using them as an operator also a gamble? Their lucky tariff for 377 CZK/month includes 100 MB of internet and 1,000 minutes of calling any operator for free. Texting costs 0.90 CZK/SMS and each time you pay your bill, you can join the 250,000 CZK Jackpot for free.

SAZKAmobil allows you to keep your previous number and transfer to them with just a 400 CZK deposit that you will get back in 3 months. International calls cost within the EU (include some other European countries) costs 5 CZK/minute, SMS for 1.50 CZK/minute and data for 5 CZK/MB. Currently, the website is only available in Czech. (CZ) With a focus on internet, offers a free 200MB of internet with every top-up for up to 30 days. The prepaid SIM card (available without a contract) offers calls from 1,90 CZK/minute and 1.50 CZK/SMS to all operators in the Czech Republic. (CZ)

Kaktus: With a very modern and exciting website (currently only in Czech), Katkus offers a prepaid SIM card with a minimum top up of 50 CZK. Katkus is great for Facebook users because data is NOT used when browsing Facebook. It is free to transfer your number or you can buy a SIM card for 100 CZK which includes 100 CZK of credit.

The prepaid card offers basic prices of calling for 2.50 CZK/minute, SMS for 1.50 CZK/minute and internet for the low price of 1 CZK/MB. It is also possible to buy packages for calling, texting (SMS) and data. Calling packages start at 50 CZK for 22 minutes, SMS packages at 50 CZK for 40 SMS and data from 50 CZK for 80 MB. (CZ)

LAMA mobile: The first operator in the Czech Republic to charge for calls per second which can help callers save money. With more than dozens of thousands of users, LAMA mobile offers five tariffs that start at 199 CZK/month and include unlimited calling within the network, 100 free minutes to all other operators, 200 SMS and all extra calls for 1.90 CZK/minute. Other tariffs include family plans and the Fair Lama plan that offer calls for 1 CZK/minute for 50 CZK/month.

Internet can be added from 99 CZK for 150 MB. You can transfer your phone number to LAMA mobile if “you don’t want to be a sheep”. Currently, the website is only available in Czech. (CZ)

: Boasting 400,000 happy customers and a 99% coverage of the Czech Republic, BLESKmobil SIM cards offer 1 CZK/minute calling to one chosen number and all numbers on weekends (otherwise it is 2.50 CZK/minute). Texting is offered for 1.50 CZK/SMS and internet from 50 MB for 20 CZK/day. (CZ)

Relax Mobil: RelaxMobil has the cheapest internet price, offering 1 GB for 215 CZK a month. There are three tariffs that offer calls for 1.90 CZK/minute and texting for 1.50 CZK/SMS. For 150 CZK/month you can get 300 MB of internet and the rates above. Topping up 100 MB costs 40 CZK and a cheaper calling and texting plan is available for 29 CZK/month and offers calling for 1.50 CZK/minute and 1.30 CZK/SMS. Unlimited calling and texting is offered for 129 CZK a month. Currently, the website is only available in Czech. (CZ)

99 Mobile: Four different tariffs range from 49.00 CZK/month (called ‘I listen’) to the most expensive package at 249.00 CZK/month (called ‘I speak’). Each comes with free minutes in the Czech Republic (from 10 to unlimited) with calls and texts costing 1.49 CZK/min or text to other networks. Internet data can also be added to the package at79.00 CZK for 150MB. International calls within the EU cost 2 CZK/minute. Currently, the website is only available in Czech. (CZ)

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