Praga car museum to open

The former car factory in Prague 9 will be a cultural center

A new automobile museum will open in the site of the former Praga automobile factory in Prague's Vysočany district, and another part of the factory will be used by the National Gallery. Prague Mayor Adriana Krnáčová (ANO) made the announcement on the 110th anniversary of the Praga company on March 27. The cars will come from the collection of Emil Příhoda, who runs Automuseum Praga in the town of Zbuzany, just west of Prague.

The Praga company was established in 1907, and made cars and even planes. It was a big supplier to the Czechoslovak military and man of its trucks are still in use. The company still exists and makes carts, racing cars and other vehicles, but no longer uses its Prague factory.

The Vysočany museum will be in hall 20 of the former Praga factory area, and will be a part of the Pragovka Art District, which will also host cultural events and provide a workspace for artists.

The collection of vehicles will include cars, vans, buses, tractors, ambulances and military vehicles. Some will also be models used by famous people such as Czechoslovak presidents Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk and Edvard Beneš, actress Lída Baarová, and the family of Václav Havel.

Another building within the former Praga complex will be used by the National Gallery for modern art. “Areas such as Pragovka are key to the further development of the city, and I am therefore very pleased that we managed to find a common language not only with Prague 9, but the owner of the former machine works. There will also be homes and a school, but the emphasis is on culture. I believe that we will be able to rebuild hall 19 into the Center for Contemporary Art because such a facility is missing in the city and the building is absolutely perfect for such a purpose,” Mayor Krnáčová said, according to daily Pražský deník.

Among the cars on display when the announcement was made was the Praga V Landaulet and a Praga Piccolo. There was a rare plow that was only made in a run of 200. A new example of the brand that was on display was the Praga R1R, a limited edition road car based on its racing car design.

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