Prague's most common dog is a mutt named Ben

The number of dogs has been rising, with small breeds most popular

The number of dogs in Prague has been increasing, and last year there were more than 100,000 registered at City Hall. This was up by 18,000 from 2008, when there were 82,230. The human population of Prague 1.3 million, so there is about one dog for every 13 people. That is still far behind Czech villages, where there is a dog for every five people.

The most popular dogs are smaller breeds, and the most popular dog name is Ben, according to daily Mladá fronta Dnes. City Hall has kept records on dogs since Jan. 1, 2005.

Dog owners are required to have an ID chip or tattoo on their dogs. City Hall spokesman Vít Hofman told MfD this greatly increases the chances of a dog being returned to its owner and reduces the costs to the city for placing the dog in a shelter. Another benefit is the health history of the dog can be accessed quickly in case the dog bites somebody.

The statistics also show detailed data about dogs in Prague. The most common type is a crossbreed, and the most common name is Ben, with 2,991 carrying that name. Other common names are Beta, Bára and Maxi. Prague 4 has the most dogs of any district.

There are 21,076 crossbreeds in Prague. The next largest group is Yorkshire terriers, at 8,003. Dachshunds aren't far behind with 7,538. Some large breeds come next, with German shepherds at 4,851 and Labrador retrievers at 4,519. Poodles rank sixth with 4,361, followed by English cocker spaniels at 3,142. The lovely Golden Retriever has 2,685 representatives in Prague. Smaller dog takes the ninth and 10th place, with energetic little chihuahuas at 2,260 and Schnauzers at 2,235.

At the bottom of the list are Canaan dogs with 17 members, some 10 Azawakh hunting dogs and one each of Finnish Spitz and medium red poodle.

These figures may be low because not all dog owners follow the obligation to put chips on their dogs. Some dog owners fear adverse health consequences from the chip, but the Agriculture Ministry and City Hall both say that there have been very few reports worldwide of any issues. And people who are concerned about the chip can opt for a tattoo instead.

City Hall also keeps track of the statistics at shelters. Thanks in part to chips, the numbers of dogs at shelters has been falling. Last year there were 1,998 dogs, down by 170 from the previous year. Most dogs were taken there by the police.

Some 1,336 dogs were returned to their owners and 624 were giver to foster care. Last year, shelters handled 3,593 animals. Cats were the second most numerous, with 1,337. 

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