Karlín getting new dog park

The Prague 8 district plans a new space with exercise equipment

Prague has a lack of designated places to allow dogs off the leash. A new location is set to open next September in Prague 8.

Dogs will be able to use a new dog park in Karlín between Sokolovská and Pobřežní Streets that will allow for free running of dogs and have exercise elements for dogs.

“The dog park will stand on a previously disused and neglected site in Sokolovská Street. In other words, we will provide dog owners with another place for walking and training and at the same time revitalize a public space,” Prague 8 Deputy Mayor Matěj Fichtner said on the district website.

The dog park in Karlín will connect Kaizlovy sady with the planned green areas of the Rohan City project, planned for Rohanský ostrov. The proposal was discussed with local citizens and associations, the city and Karlín developers.

The park construction has a budget of approximately Kč 11.5 million and work will be carried out by the firm OK Garden.

Construction should start in February 2018. New paths with benches, fencing and agility features will be installed. Trees and shrubs and other greenery will be planted. Part of the former railroad will be removed at both ends of the area.

“I am sure that this will step will please not only dog owners but also the other inhabitants of our city district. Those in the future will appreciate fewer free-running dogs in the streets and more order,” Fichtner said.

The first dog park in Prague 8 was opened in 2005 in Libeň. The one at Sokolovská Street will be the 10th.

The city as a whole has been looking to create more places for dogs to exercise and has been in the process of drafting new legislation that clarifies better where dogs can be off their leashes.

The number of dogs in Prague has been increasing, and last year there were more than 100,000 registered at City Hall. This was up by 18,000 from 2008, when there were 82,230. The human population of Prague 1.3 million, so there is about one dog for every 13 people. That is still far behind Czech villages, where there is a dog for every five people.

The most common type is a crossbreed, and the most common name is Ben, with 2,991 carrying that name. Other common names are Beta, Bára and Maxi. Prague 4 has the most dogs of any district.

City Hall has kept records on dogs since Jan. 1, 2005.

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