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A five-year-old Czech company has a solution for cat owners who love to travel

Cat owners who love to travel are often faced with the problem of not having someone to mind their furry loved ones. Tibor Foltinský, 32, founded cat sitting company to take care of that issue. The company recently celebrated five years on the market.

He established the company because he needed the service himself. “My job required a lot of traveling, and when I searched the internet there was no one who could provide cat sitting services professionally. So I decided to start it myself,” he said.

He was reluctant to put his pets in a cat hotel. “Cats are animals that are bonded to the space that they live in – your home. They feel safe there because they are used to all the smells and secluded spaces. Leaving your cat in a cat hotel, even the most luxurious one, can be a very stressful experience for them,” he said.

With, a company cat sitter will meet a client to collect all of the necessary information, fill in a checklist and pick up keys. “While you are away she will carry out the tasks noted in our checklist and after your return she will deliver your keys back,” Foltinský said

Hiring a cat sitter is safe and discrete, according to Foltinský. “All of our cat sitters are experienced cat owners who are huge cat lovers and are strictly bound to secrecy by a legal contract. They must follow our Code of Ethics, which is downloadable from our website. Also, our company has liability insurance although we already performed more than 10,000 visits without any incident,” he said.

People are also concerned with proving that the visits took place as promised. “In 2014 was the first pet sitting company in Czech Republic to introduce GPS report verification to our customers. We use an independent Google Play app so our clients can track exactly the amount of time that we spent with your cat,” Foltinský said.

He declined to share any funny stories about cat sitting. “I would have a couple, but since the details about our clients are confidential I cannot share them,” he said.

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