Prague working on dog ordinance

Districts want more places for dogs to run free

Dog lovers can tell you that the places in Prague where dogs can legally be allowed off their leashes is quite limited. Prague City Hall is making another attempt at creating a new ordinance concerning the issue. A previous attempt was met with opposition from many of the city's districts, and even Prague Mayor Adriana Krnáčová (ANO) said the proposal did not properly address the issue. City districts said it was unnecessarily strict against dog owners and too vague.

The new proposal is meant to be more useful. So far, the city does not have an ordinance on the topic, and dogs are required to be on leashes in most public places. Dogs are mainly allowed off the leash in some parts of parks, which are regulated separately.

Krnáčová said some 20 city districts were not happy with the original draft, and that the new version will be made in cooperation with the districts.

Most of the districts wanted more areas designated for the free exercise of dogs. Representatives of Prague 5, 6 and 11 said the original proposal was too vague and also too restrictive. Prague 9 representatives said the definition of a leash was not precise enough. Other objections included the lack of requirements to clean up after the dog.

Prague has some 97,000 registered dogs. The largest number is in Prague 4 and 6, which have over 8,000 dogs. Since 2005 every dog older than six months has to be registered by microchip or tattoo with information about the dog and the name of its owner.

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