Prague 14 wants help with urban boars

Pigs gone wild have been attacking domestic dogs in the woods

The Prague 14 district has asked City Hall for help dealing with wild boar, who have reportedly been attacking dogs in the wooded areas on the eastern edge of the city.

Prague spokesman Vít Hofman said the city would resolve the issue in cooperation with municipal forestry authorities. The city is already in contact with the Gamekeepers Association on a long-term solutions for wild boars in the city limits.

The gamekeepers have apparently made a proposal, but Prague 14 Mayor Radek Vondra says it is insufficient to deal with the issue.

The most recent attack by a wild boar on a dog took place Wednesday in Horní Počernice. Vondra says the response of gamekeepers responsible for hunting in the area and the response from the city, which owns the land, has been inadequate to address the long-term problem. “To put it mildly, it has been disappointing,” he said, according to Pražský deník. The dogs that have been attacked have for the most part been off the leash in the woods.

Vondra said that gamekeepers in cooperation with several town districts were supposed to come up with a proposal at the end of last year, but the proposal lacks any concrete steps for handling the situation, and does not show how it will be effective.

Gamekeepers cannot cope with the situation, according to Vondra, and the city will have to step in. He hopes to see Prague Mayor Adriana Krnáčová (ANO).

The wild pigs are a particular problem around the woods at Klanovice-Čihadla and a park called U Čeňku.

The Prague 14 Town Hall has looked into solutions such as chemical repellants to create a fence, but they have been told it would not be very effective.

The most common wild boar in the Czech Republic is the Central European boar (Sus scrofa scrofa) the although the larger Carpathian boar (Sus scrofa atilla) can sometimes be found. They are classified as “least concern” on the conservation scale, meaning they are not threatened or endangered.

Wild boar is hunted for food, and boar hunts are popular part of Czech culture. The 1984 film The Snowdrop Festival (Slavnosti sněženek), based on writings by Bohumil Hrabal, tells of two Central Bohemian villages caught in a bitter dispute over wild boar tastes better with rose hip sauce or sauerkraut.

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